Meet Drift Email: The Future Of How Sales Reps Communicate With Prospects

Over the past year, we’ve been focused on helping businesses connect with today’s buyers through real-time conversation.

Of course, conversations don’t only start and stop on your website. Often they start with an email…

But email is broken.

At HYPERGROWTH last week our CEO David Cancel gave these three reasons why email is broken:

Reason #1: Email isn’t real-time.
Reason #2: Email gets abused.
Reason #3: Email isn’t smart.

And then he announced that Drift planned to reinvent email.

During the cocktail hour that followed DC’s mic drop, I had friends, attendees and customers walk up to me and ask “What does that mean? What are you doing with email?”

Well today, we’re pumped to announce part one of reinventing email.

How To Greet Prospects You Emailed

We want marketing and sales teams to send fewer emails with better results. That’s why we built Drift Email. Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll need to use the new Drift Chrome Extension. It works with Gmail. Once installed you can send emails with Drift.

When you send an email with Drift, all your hyperlinks to your website automatically prompt a personalized message from the prospect’s sales rep.

If I were a sales rep and I sent a prospect named Amy an email, this message would appear when Amy was browsing my website:

That Drift message is controlled by a Playbook, which is specifically designed to help greet prospects you emailed. You can add personalization like the prospect’s name, company, industry and so on.

After sending this personalized welcome message, the potential customer on your site can easily start a conversation with you. This is conversational selling.

But what happens if you’re not around when your prospect comes to check out your website? No worries, our bots have your back.


Driftbot will jump into the conversation if you’re not there and book a meeting for you with your prospect. Our bot is like a virtual assistant, it’ll always be there when you need it.

All The Reporting You Need To Make Smart Decisions

The chrome extension includes email performance data – like opens and clicks. But the Playbook also includes performance reporting for managers.

Playbook reporting includes aggregated and individual rep performance. You can see how many conversations each of your rep is having and your conversion rates between opens and clicks.

The playbook to greet prospects you email is already in Drift, so if you’re a Drift user you can sign in and use it right now. If you’re new to Drift and want to transform your outbound emails, click here to sign up.

Join the thousands of businesses that are using Drift to generate leads and close deals faster.

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