Email isn’t dead. Here’s how to bring real conversations back.

Email isn't dead

Back in 1965, were the inventors of email sitting around MIT thinking “Damn, I can’t wait for marketers to get their hands on this. I can’t wait for millions of irrelevant messages to be sent to people who will never care about their content, at a time that is totally inconvenient.”

I don’t think so.

I’d be willing to bet, in fact, that these pioneers in electronic messaging thought email would be one of the best ways for people around the world to communicate, share information and make meaningful connections at lightning speed.

But then came marketers (myself included). We found out that, at the push of a button, we could treat people’s inboxes like highway billboards. It was so simple – all people would have to do is open our glossy, well-designed, well-written messages and BOOM, cash for the taking.

And for a few years this worked. We’d send an email and then keep refreshing our dashboards to count the case and conversions. But the more it worked, the greedier we got. Send more email, make more money, right?

Eventually those trend lines started diverging. Sending more email meant making less and losing more contacts from our databases by way of opt outs. But we didn’t change. We didn’t learn. Instead, we tested subject lines. We redesigned. We included fancier graphics and heavier html. We optimized for mobile.

But we were wrong, so wrong.

Maybe each of these tweaks got an additional 1-5% increase on already diminishing results. But while all this was happening, recipients were getting smarter. They started setting up burner email addresses to end the spam, but still get the goods and information they were after.

What if all that changed?

What if we could bring the conversation back to email?

What if I could send you an email about HYPERGROWTH and all you had to do was reply back with “yes.” And within seconds, you’d get a completed order form that just requires your credit card info and signature and BOOM your ticket is in your email!!

What if I could ask for 15 minutes of your time to review the product update we just implemented. And all you’d have to do is reply back with the date and time that worked best for you and BOOM!! Invite sent within 30 seconds, all booked by a bot.

What if rather than sending emails to the same decaying and outdated list, you could actually update and remove contacts from your CRM based on the out of office messages and the auto replies you received? What if you could surprise and delight your customers and prospects with an email interaction that all takes place in less than a minute?

Email isn’t dead. But it has been beaten to a pulp. It’s been bullied into a corner by marketers and salespeople like you and me. But now is the time to pick it up, dust it off, show it some love and get it back to its glory days.

I believe in marketers like you and me. I believe it’s possible to fix email just like we’ve fixed (aka killed) static forms for 50,000+ businesses. So here’s my challenge to you. Go to Start a conversation with a friendly member of our team. They’ll hook you up with a free trial. If you can’t find an innovative use of the product, I’ll write your next email campaign for you. Take me up on it, I’ll be here waiting and ready to go.

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