Introducing Drift for Enterprise: Enabling the Conversations That Drive Conversions

“It’s a cool idea… but there’s no way it can scale.”

A year ago, that was the objection we kept hearing from our friends who worked at enterprise companies (a.k.a. companies with 100+ employees and substantial marketing resources).

After unveiling our approach to conversational marketing, they agreed that it had the potential to deliver a faster, more enjoyable customer experience…

But they just couldn’t picture it working at scale.

They couldn’t see how an enterprise company could manage having hundreds or thousands of one-to-one conversations per week, or how they could capture and qualify leads from those conversations, or how they could track all of those conversations and get everything logged in a CRM — all without using lead capture forms.

And just imagine the feedback you’d get from your sales team after making them answer support questions, or deal with unqualified meetings. I know our sales reps here at Drift wouldn’t be happy with that setup: They don’t want to have conversations with everyone under the sun, they want to sell.

So hey, we understood. Because a year ago, replacing lead capture forms with conversations could be tricky, especially for larger companies.

But today, we’re happy to announce that any company, of any size, can now easily make the switch and turn any website conversation into a qualified sales meeting.

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Introducing Drift for Enterprise

With Drift for Enterprise, you can give your best leads a direct, real-time line to your sales reps (and their calendars) based on the qualifying rules that matter to you.

Instead of forcing people to fill out forms, an intelligent sales assistant can capture contact information and ask qualifying questions — the same questions your sales reps or BDRs would ask.

That intelligent sales assistant can also route conversations to the right reps (based on territory, availability, etc.), and take care of scheduling meetings.

Sales reps just have to connect their calendars to Drift. After that, a single marketer or BDR can book meetings for dozens of reps.

Best of all, getting a lead generation or qualification campaign up and running is as simple as choosing a pre-packaged Playbook (no assembly required).

For the full breakdown of what’s included in Drift for Enterprise, keep reading below.

A Fastlane for Your Best Leads

In the real-time, on-demand world that we live in, the form and follow-up approach no longer makes sense.

Potential buyers don’t want answers to their questions when it’s convenient for you, they want answers when it’s convenient for them: while they’re live on your website.

With Drift for Enterprise, you can make sure that your high-value prospects — or companies that meet certain size, geographic, industry, or funding criteria — get a direct line to your sales team.

You can even pre-qualify website traffic, so you know your team is only having conversations with those people and company you’re trying to reach.

For example, let’s say your sweet spot is B2B SaaS companies with > 50 employees. You can create a message that only displays when someone from a company that meets those precise criteria is on your website.

This is exactly how Segment uses Drift (and that’s why Drift is their #1 source of qualified opportunities).

Once a conversation starts, an intelligent sales assistant can ask a lead the same qualifying questions you’ve always been asking. Then, based on the responses it gets, it can decide whether or not to initiate the next step (e.g. connect them with a sales rep, schedule a demo, etc.).

All of this happens in a matter of minutes — sometimes seconds.

From a buyer’s perspective, the experience is way smoother.

From your perspective, your sales cycle is way faster.

Just ask our sales rep, Ally:

Playbooks: Pre-Packaged Campaigns to Help You Hit Your Goals

In a lot of cases, enterprise marketing and sales platforms sacrifice simplicity for functionality. They give you all of the pieces and say “Look, you can do anything you want now.”

But then you’re stuck there trying to figure out how to put everything together, like a kid sitting in a pile of LEGOs with no instructions.

With Drift for Enterprise, we give you pre-packaged campaigns that — right out of the box (so to speak) — are designed to engage, qualify, and schedule meetings with your best leads.

They’re called Playbooks, and we introduced our first one, Get More Sales Meetings, a couple months ago.

With Drift for Enterprise, you now have access to several Playbooks, including ones for engaging your visitors, getting more leads, and sending prospecting emails.

Just a few clicks, and you can put your entire sales funnel on autopilot. Sales reps don’t have to lift a finger. Once your Playbooks are up and running, Drift can capture, qualify, and connect you with leads 24/7, 365.

The Integrations Your Team Needs Today

Changing long-established processes and adopting new tools can be a challenge.

That’s why we make it as simple as possible to add Drift for Enterprise to your existing marketing and sales stack with our integrations.

Whether you store your lead data in Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot, with our integrations you can automatically sync leads and activities from Drift.

Another cool feature: With the Salesforce integration, Drift can automatically route conversations to reps based on who owns particular leads in Salesforce, which means that your best leads and accounts get the VIP treatment every time they come back to your website.

See Meetings Booked & Pipeline Generated Right From Drift

With Drift for Enterprise, you’ll be able to see all of the meetings you’ve booked and pipeline you’ve created right from your Drift dashboard.

You can even drill down into specific Playbooks to see how they’ve been performing. (And make adjustments if needed.)

Our goal is to give you complete transparency into how many conversations your company is having through Drift, and how those conversations translate into qualified opportunities and revenue.

Final Thought

You don’t have to settle for the traditional way of doing marketing and sales.

Today, potential customers expect a real-time buying experience, and that’s exactly what you can provide using Drift’s conversational sales and marketing platform.

It’s like rocket fuel for your funnel.

Want to learn more? Click here to schedule a demo so you can see how Drift works first-hand.