The Demand Generation Marketer’s Guide to Drift – Everything You Need To Know About Conversational Marketing To Hit Your 2019 Goals

demand gen guide to Drift

A few months ago, I was in an Uber on my way home from Drift’s Q4 Confidential event in Boston when I got a WhatsApp voice message from Dave, our VP of Marketing.

During the event Dave had spent two hours hosting a round table conversation with sales and marketing people interested in picking his brain.

“Hey, everytime we talk to demand generation marketers about conversational marketing, they ask the same questions about how to get started – what pages to put chat on, how to roll it out to their sales team, how to measure success. Can you write one definitive guide on this?”

I had forgotten my AirPods so I played the message on my iPhone’s speaker. Before I had given Dave’s request any thought, my Uber driver chimed in, “that sounds like a big project.”

And he was totally right.

Boiling down all the things you can do with Drift for demand generation into a short guide isn’t easy.

There are so many different ways Drift customers are using conversational marketing to drive demand for their business.

But I couldn’t write a book. Marketers thinking about using Drift need a simple framework to get going – not a novel .

Luckily, we have amazing customers that have taught us as much as we’ve taught them about how to be successful with conversational marketing.

So we’ve put together the definitive guide that will walk you through setting up Drift with your existing tech stack, how to get your sales team ramped up and successful and even which Playbooks you should build first to start more conversations with your buyers and book more meetings for your sales team.

Because look – we get it.

If you’re a demand generation marketer you’re always on the lookout for new ways to increase website conversion, or book more meetings for your sales team, or influence for opportunities.

But taking on an entirely new approach to marketing is scary. You want to do it right so you can drive great results, but you still have to juggle a bunch of other stuff: managing campaigns, reporting metrics and about a million other things.

So we wanted to make it easier for you to get going with Drift. The Demand Gen guide is our ultimate framework for using Drift and Conversational Marketing in your demand generation strategy.

Demand Gen Guide to DriftGive Your Business an Unfair Advantage in 2019 with Conversational Marketing

Get the tips, tricks and secret recipes used by more than 50,000+ businesses using Drift today. Our 100% free guide will show you how. Get the complete Demand Generation Guide here.

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