Here’s How To Book More Meetings For Your Sales Team Next Month

I walk in every day to 5-6 sales meetings already booked on my calendar.

I hear that from our sales team almost every day when they explain the power of conversational marketing to our potential customers.

And it almost sucks, cause it sounds way too good to be true. I don’t hear the reactions on the other side of the phone, but I know I’d be skeptical if I heard that without seeing it.

But it’s true.

We don’t have BDRs at Drift.

Our sales team doesn’t spend most of their day prospecting.

They spend the bulk of their time selling.

How does this happen?

We use bots to have real-time conversations to qualify and book meetings with people on our website.

And I’m here to show you step-by-step how to build your own.

How We Book Meetings For Sales with Drift

Here’s the craziest part. It only took me about seven minutes to walk through how to build a LeadBot that qualifies and books meetings with people on our website.

So I made this seven minute video to show you.

So yes, every night while we’re asleep people on our website are booking meetings with our sales team. Our team walks into work everyday ready to do what they do best: sell.

It’s the new way that businesses buy from businesses.

Want to see how many meetings our bots can book for your sales team? Book a demo right now (<– plus you get to see how our bot works).

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