Best Product Launches of All Time

Spotify Running

Spotify Running was all over social media the day it was released – it was pretty hard to miss the press. The new feature was readily discoverable for social media users and non-users alike, appearing in the sidebar with the usual suspects. 

The beauty in this launch was the alignment of Spotify Running with the rest of the app. Opening Running lets you start with their signature feature: begin running and get music that matches your tempo. Below this prompt are lists of playlists for morning, evening, power, or themed runs. These lists allude to the additional features of a larger roll out of “The Most Entertaining Spotify Ever”, which includes a number of features for discovery through your day, everyday.

A release of “The Most Entertaining Spotify Ever” isn’t terribly compelling at first, but using a powerful feature like running to draw users in and discover the entire rollout sure was. 


Swarm by Foursquare

Tell users that the app they use multiple times a day is getting split in to two seperate apps? Good luck, right? Foursquare did it, and it was so clean it was almost unbelievable. 

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