Slack Integration, Advanced Targeting and More: Here’s What’s New In Drift This Month


Time to catch you up on all the cool stuff we made for you last month. We’re so excited to see many of you already using these updates.


Two Way Slack Integration

We want talking to your customers and site visitors to be as easy as possible, so we released our two-way Slack integration. Now you respond to live chats from anytime, anywhere.

Click here to learn more about using Drift for Slack.

Advanced Targeting

Become smarter about proactive messaging. When you’re setting up a welcome message or triggered announcement, you can target messages to only display on a specific URL, after a number of visits, and more.


Use this targeting to close more deals and have more relevant conversations with leads.

If you already have an account (either free or paid), you can setup your first automated message by going here.

Online & Offline Hours

We heard from many of you that live chat is hard to manage because you can’t always be available 24/7. Not anymore!

Now, you can set the chat widget to display only during specific hours and display an offline message when you’re away.


In addition, you can now control whose faces show up at all times in the sidebar and what the welcome test says in the big color block.

Capture Emails Right From Live Chat

One of the most important things about live chat is knowing who you’re talking to, which is why we added the ability for a site visitor to enter their email address so you can get more context about them and followup if they disappear.



When somebody responds to a message or writes into chat, context is king. This is why all new conversations have a “Source” label that tells you the URL they’re coming from, that way you can understand even more about their situation.


As always, we’re here if you need anything. Hit us up on chat at anytime.

In addition, we’re looking for a group of users who want to find out about the newest features before anybody else. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at and let me know.

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