What is a Revenue Acceleration Platform?

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The Fastest Way to Drive Revenue

A Revenue Acceleration Platform combines Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to create a single solution for your go-to-market teams. Because when your revenue teams work together as one – centered around your customer – you get to revenue faster.

Why Revenue Acceleration?

When we launched Drift in 2015, we saw that B2B sales and marketing teams were struggling to hit their goals because the engagement process between buyers and sellers was broken. In 2016 we created Conversational Marketing to enhance digital buying experiences, so people could have a conversation with any business at any time, on their terms.

We knew that delivering engagement in real-time would increase leads. But we discovered that this engagement also accelerated sales, improved the buying experience, and directly impacted revenue. That’s when Conversational Sales was born.

Today we are in the Revenue Era. The customer is in control of when and where they want to engage, and the best experience wins. To deliver maximum results, you need your revenue teams working together to deliver exceptional digital experiences across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to renewal to expansion.

Enter Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform.

Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform

In today’s marketplace the customer is the boss. They expect value and zero friction at each stage of the customer journey. Drift’s platform helps fuel growth around the customer journey by connecting people at the right time and right away across our business.”
— Ryan Barry, CRO of Zappi

Accelerate Your Revenue with a Single Platform from Drift

Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform brings your go-to-market teams together to deliver real-time, personalized customer experiences – so you can build brand loyalty, improve your sales productivity, and help your entire team generate revenue faster across the full customer lifecycle.

Why Drift?

Single Platform

We unify the data from your go-to-market teams – across your entire tech stack – into a best-in-class, easy-to-use, integrated platform.

Real-Time Engagement

Instantly communicate with your customer or target account the moment they hit your website. Our custom scripted chatbot will qualify and book meetings even when you’re sleeping, so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to engage with a customer who is raising their hand and ready to buy.

Personalized Conversations

We engage buyers at their exact moment of intent in a personalized way tailored to their needs and past preferences. They feel understood, have a great experience, and want to do business with you. Not only do you retain them as customers, but you secure future revenue via upsells, renewals, and new logo referrals.

Industry Leader

We created Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales. With best practices, expertise, and insights from more than 50,000 customers, we can help you build and optimize a customer experience tailored to your business to accelerate your revenue.

Conversational Marketing

Voted #1 on G2, Drift’s Conversational Marketing solution enables instant personalized engagement with customers to accelerate revenue. We help you build your brand with a customer experience that is as seamless and authentic as possible. With real-time insights, your marketing team can proactively recognize and convert demand into a qualified sales meeting, or an ongoing nurture campaign. This adds up to a better ROI on your marketing spend and consistent, quality pipeline for your sales team.

Identify & Personalize

Drift unifies the data stuck in your tech stack to reveal who is on your website so you can surface relevant content and engage in real-time, personalized conversations that move your customer along their unique journey.

Engage & Qualify

Use Drift Live Chat to engage and qualify customers at the exact moment they show intent.

Convert to Pipeline

Use Drift’s AI Chatbot to engage customers instantly, understand their needs, recommend relevant information, or ask them to book a meeting directly in the chat.

Like many other enterprise companies, we are undergoing a true digital transformation, and it’s critical that we invest in solutions that have a positive impact on the entire organization. Drift is creating a tremendous amount of efficiency across our teams, particularly marketing and business development, helping us to accelerate pipeline creation and ultimately our conversion to revenue.”
— Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO of Skillsoft

Drift Conversational Sales

Drift’s Conversational Sales solution gives your sales team a healthy pipeline of qualified meetings and the real-time visibility, insights, and communication tools they need to prioritize target accounts, be more productive, and win more business, faster. And, your sales team can immediately recognize prospects from existing customers, personalize their engagement, and tailor their pitch to create value – all while delivering the exact experience your customers deserve.

Improve Sales Productivity

Connect to buyers faster with automatically prioritized target accounts, centralized insights on behavior across the buying committee, and direct access to follow up with engaged prospects – all from a single interface.

Increase Target Account Penetration

Real-time notifications and routing immediately alert your sales rep that one of their target accounts is actively showing interest and pulls them in to take over the interaction, whether that’s through live chat, video, or a phone call.

Shorten Sales

Deliver 24/7 engagement with direct access to book meetings any time of the day – even if it’s after hours or from a different time zone – so you never miss out on an opportunity to engage with your customer.

Get to revenue faster with a single platform, powered by Drift.

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