BOSTON, MA – July 29, 2020 – Drift, the world’s leading Conversational Marketing platform, today announced it will offer three unique integrations with leading enterprise meeting platform Zoom. The integrations – which include solutions for Drift Chat, Drift Meetings, and Drift Video – give sales teams the power to transition meetings into pipeline faster than ever before.

“The past few months have forced the entire world to adapt like never before, and since March we have seen 3 times more Zoom links dropped directly into Drift Chat and a 134% increase in the use of Drift Video,” said David Cancel, CEO and founder of Drift. “It’s clear that video conferencing tools have become an essential bridge in remote work, connecting teams and powering business communication. Our goal is to meet customers where they are, and right now, that’s on Zoom. We are excited to offer these integrations as another layer of service to elevate how businesses buy from businesses.”

Drift’s integrations with Zoom allow customers to:

  1. Speed up your sales cycle with one-click Drift Chat to Zoom: Drift Chat to Zoom enables users to quickly start a Zoom call from a chat so they can move a conversation forward while intent is the highest, without losing any time or momentum.
  2. Close the loop with personalized follow-up: When you record a Zoom meeting, that recording is pulled into Drift Video, where you can easily edit, add actions or summaries and share it. Senders will get notified when someone views the recording and can even live chat with them as they watch the video.
  3. Create a seamless customer experience: Gone are the days spent scrambling to add a Zoom meeting link after the fact, wasting time and providing a poor customer experience. Drift users can now add their Zoom information to any meeting type, so when someone books a meeting through Drift Chat, the right Zoom link will automatically be added.

“Every moment lost between initial interest and a follow-up meeting could mean loss of revenue for a business,” Cancel continued. “By removing points of friction and lag time between initial intent and purchase, businesses can continue to drive revenue growth. Drift’s new Zoom integrations do just that, by creating a personalized experience and sparking conversations that propel business forward.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Drift’s largest quarter in company history during which the company saw continued revenue and bookings increases across all business units, including particularly strong growth in its enterprise vertical.

These integrations are available today for Drift Premium and Enterprise plans, and on all Drift Video plans. Click here to learn more.

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