You want more qualified meetings faster. ☝️

And you want to give your best buyers a fastlane to sales. But the problem is that you don’t have time to monitor live chat. And you definitely don’t want your calendar filled up with bad leads. What if you could get qualified meetings delivered to your calendar without needing to chat, without the noise, and without waiting?

Now you can. With Drift Meetings, marketers are able to show personalized “book a meeting” CTAs for your target accounts on your website, SDRs can instantly book meetings for AEs after qualifying them in live chat, and chatbots can automatically book meetings on your behalf with your most qualified leads. Start engaging with your best buyers faster with Drift Meetings.

Here’s how Drift Meetings works

Qualified Meetings Booked Directly From Your Website

Give your high value site visitors a meeting fastlane. With Drift Meetings, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right rep, and let them instantly schedule a meeting right from your website.

Automated Handoff from SDR to AE

Handoff qualified leads to AEs in real-time. With Drift Meetings, SDRs can instantly book meetings for AEs after qualifying leads in live chat.

Chatbots That Book Meetings For You - No Chat Required

Not everyone has the time to monitor live chat. With Drift Meetings, chatbots have your back by automatically booking meetings with your most qualified leads.

What people are saying

During our first 45 days using Drift, 30% of our leads that converted into meetings and demos originated from Drift.”

David dulany
Founder & CEO, Tenbound

We recently started using Drift on our website. I used Calendly for clients to book times on my calendar, but now I use Drift for that and I love it.”

Austin smith
Business Development Manager, GnosisConnect

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