Meetings are how you make your number, so with Drift, meetings are built into everything.



When you share a link to your Drift Profile, you’re giving people a direct line to your calendar. Stop the annoying back-and-forth, and let people choose from your available times.

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Drift conversational marketing integrates directly with your calendar


Book a meeting with someone at exactly the right time — when they’re qualified and ready to buy. Drift Bots can book meetings automatically for you. But you can also drop your calendar into any conversation.

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Drift bots book meetings with users when they're qualified and ready to buy


With the Drift Chrome Extension and Drift Sequences, people can book meetings with you in one click. Drift does all the hard work for you, grabbing your availability and embedding it right in the email. It’s the easiest way to book more meetings with prospects.

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Drift Chrome Extension and Drift Sequences books meetings with you in one click

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What people are saying:

“During our first 45 days using Drift, 30% of our leads that converted into meetings and demos originated from Drift.”

“We recently started using Drift on our website. I used Calendly for clients to book times on my calendar, but now I use Drift for that and I love it.”

The more meetings, the more dollars. So get advanced reporting on meetings with Drift.

Sales meetings are the lifeblood of a sales rep, so why don’t your current tools make it really easy to see how you’re doing? More meetings = more money, right?

With Drift, you’ll see how many meetings you’ve held each month as well as a breakdown of who you’re meeting with — even links to their LinkedIn Profiles. And if you’re a sales manager, you can measure how the whole team is performing each day. It’ll help you forecast deals with precision.

graph showing meetings booked through Drift chat

Own Your Time Like You Own Your Quota

You own your quota each month, so you should own your time too. With Drift, we make it easy for you to organize and customize your time so you can focus on selling, not scheduling.

Drift integrates directly with Google and Office 365

Never Get Double-Booked

Google and Office 365 integrate seamlessly with Drift, so our Bot knows when you’re free and when you’re not.

Customize meetings types

Efficient Meetings

You create your meeting types, customize them with links and information, and use them to make booking meetings with you easy.

Let prospects reschedule meetings and find time on your calendar

Meeting Management

Stop the annoying back-and-forth of rescheduling, and let your prospects reschedule as they’d like.

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