It’s a Buyers World

59% of buyers expect a response within 5 seconds or less when using a chatbot or live chat.

– State of Conversational Marketing

Today, buyers are in control.

To win their business, marketing and sales must work together — and engage with buyers on their terms to build trust and drive revenue.

Why Drift?

Imagine a world where people are free to have conversations with any business, at any time.

Sounds nice, right? Clearly, your buyers think so too.

Hi there, we’re Drift 👋 the leading conversational platform that keeps marketing and sales in sync and buyers engaged — through the power of relevant, timely, and personalized conversations.

670 More Reasons Why Drift is the Best in the Business

There are investments, then there’s 670% ROI. How’s that for a safe investment? On average, over three years, Drift customers experience:

Return-on-Investment (ROI)
Increase in Lead-to-Pipeline Conversion Rates
Present Value (PV)
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Turn Conversations into Future Customers

Get On The Same Page With Everyone That Visits Yours

Buying experiences tailored to buyers — novel idea, right? Use Drift’s leading website visitor intelligence to provide more relevant experiences across web, email, video, and more.

Align to Drive Pipeline Like Never Before

Start the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time, and create a pipeline strategy your entire revenue team can get behind.


Build Pipeline Without Breaking A Sweat

Book more meetings with qualified leads and connect high-intent buyers to a sales rep — instantly.

Artificial Intelligence. Human Connection.

Our patented conversational AI can manage customer queries, serve up content, and qualify buyers for you, so sales can focus on what they do best: Selling!


We’re in the Business of Helping Yours Grow

It all starts with a simple ‘how can I help you’ an easy question that engages a shopper or visitor, in the digital world we have always struggled to ask that question, to engage our website visitors and make sure they didn’t just ‘bounce’ to their next online destination. Drift does just that, our clients choose Drift because it asks that very basic question that creates engagement and turns a visitor into a customer.”
Carlos Horn Managing Director, Accenture
The way Drift tracks engagement is light years ahead of anything else we’ve seen. We can see exactly what’s happening, how much engagement we are getting, and chat’s role in generating pipeline and opportunities…I feel like we hit the jackpot with Drift.”
Rahman “RZ” Zolfaghari Director of Digital Marketing, Proofpoint
A huge differentiator for Drift is the depth of alignment it creates between marketing and sales. Drift understands what marketing needs to do in order to drive sales. It’s much more than just a chat tool. The Drift platform is optimized to deliver exactly the enablement we were looking for.”
David Wellwood Senior Director Web Marketing, Okta
Chat can be a real competitive differentiator. We can meet them where they are and talk to them the way they want to be talked to. I smile when I see the Adobe bot pop up and ask a clever question.”
Nathan Etter Senior Vice President, Marketing, Experience

Don’t Just Start Conversations.
Own Them.