Turn Meeting Minutes into Pipeline: Introducing 3 New Ways to Combine Drift + Zoom


If you’re anything like us (and hundreds of millions of other people), you’re on Zoom all day long.

And while you may think you and your sales team are using Zoom to its maximum potential – to meet with prospects and customers – I can tell you right now, you’re not. You’re leaving money on the table.

At Drift, we’re all about getting you maximum leverage out of the channels you’re already using. That’s why we built not one, not two, but three integrations between Drift and Zoom – to help you turn those Zoom meeting minutes into dollar signs ?

Here’s how:

Integration #1: Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With One-Click Drift Chat to Zoom Meetings 

When it comes to starting conversations, it doesn’t get more effective than chat. You can engage with your website visitors when their intent is the highest, which is why chat typically sees 15x higher engagement than email.

Chat has become even more critical during COVID-19. B2B decision-makers told McKinsey & Company that live chat is their #1 preferred method of researching suppliers.

So let’s say you’re chatting with a buyer. As that conversation progresses, if all goes well, you can take it to the next level and schedule a Zoom call – whether for qualification, discovery, or even a demo.

But why wait to schedule a meeting days or even weeks from now?

The smartest play is to move the conversation forward while intent is the highest. Many teams have already caught onto this; we’ve seen a 3x increase in Zoom links being sent through Drift Chat since March 2020 ?

And now, that’s even easier. As of today, you can start a Zoom call right from your Drift chat.

Just click the Zoom icon within the chat box. It will start a new Zoom meeting and automatically invite everyone on the chat.

No more fumbling with Zoom to start a new meeting, copy the link, and paste it in chat. We all know a delay of even a couple minutes can mean the difference between moving the deal forward and losing someone forever. Yes, sometimes it’s really that serious.

So with Chat to Zoom, there’s no more waiting.

This is especially helpful when one of your target accounts hits your website. You know they’re qualified and you have their attention – so meeting now instead of a week from now means momentum is on your side. And that means you’re one step closer to closed won.

Plus, when you start a Zoom meeting through chat, we make sure you get credit for it. Whenever you start a Zoom meeting from chat, it’s tracked in Salesforce. 

Shorter time to close? ✅

Reduced chance of demo no-shows? ✅

Better customer experience? ✅

CRM automatically updated? ✅

Sounds like a win-win-win-win.

Want to give it a try? This feature is available for Drift Premium and Enterprise customers (if that’s you, learn how to connect Drift + Zoom here).

Integration #2: Turn Zoom Meetings into the Perfect Follow Up with Drift Video + Zoom 

Sending personalized videos through Drift Video is a great way to engage prospects and accelerate your sales cycle.

But what if it were even easier to record Drift Videos? In fact, what if you could take what you’re already doing – spending all day on Zoom calls – and turn that into deal acceleration magic?

With the Drift Video Zoom integration, you can ⚡️

When you record a Zoom meeting, that recording gets pulled into Drift Video for you to edit and share. You’ll get notified when someone watches the recording and you can even chat with them as they’re watching it.

Here’s how that helps:

  • Accelerate your sales cycle: Asynchronous selling for the win. Now you don’t have to wait for all stakeholders to be available at the same time. You can meet with a handful of them, share the video to the rest, and use the side chat panel to answer any questions they have while they’re watching. Plus, by involving more of the buying committee with your video recordings (and chat!), you’re more likely to close the deal quickly.
  • Improve sales productivity: Talk about a timesaver. Instead of recording a brand new video to keep prospects engaged between calls or to involve more of their team, now you can just share your meeting with Drift Video (either the recap/next steps section or the entire meeting). That way you can stay top of mind, involve more of the buying committee, and ensure the next meeting goes smoothly – all without extra steps.
  • Increase your deal size: Executive leadership rarely has time to attend calls or demos. But you know that when they’re involved, deals are usually larger and close faster. With Drift Video, you can send them either a highlight of a recent meeting or demo (or the entire thing). You’ll get notified when they’re watching it and then you can chat with them right alongside the video.

Ready to give it a try? You can get a free Drift Video account here.

Integration #3: Create a Seamless Customer Experience with Drift’s Zoom Integration for Your Calendar

We all know the feeling. It’s time to jump into a meeting, but there’s no Zoom link. You respond to the meeting organizer, and they get the message a few minutes later, then add a link, then respond to you with the link. That takes at least five minutes and is a minor headache.

Now imagine that happens to your prospect when they’re about to meet with you. Now the minor headache becomes a bad buyer experience at best – and a missed meeting at worst.

Take that possibility out of the equation with Drift’s Zoom integration for your calendar. In your calendar settings, you can add your Zoom information to any meeting type, so whenever someone books a meeting with you through Drift chat, the right Zoom link will automatically be added.

The Zoom link will even be included in the meeting confirmation email your buyer receives.

Another bonus? You don’t have to remember to add a Zoom link to all the meetings you book. This has been the biggest game-changer for our own Head of Sales Development, Julianne Thompson.

To add your Zoom link to your meeting settings, just follow these instructions.

Not using Drift yet? Learn more here.