Playbook Webhooks and GPT Translations: What’s New from Drift This June

By Noah Kortkamp

With summer officially here, we’re excited to announce five hot new releases from Drift 🏖️

Our updates this month will help you supercharge your playbooks, streamline collaboration, and incorporate GPT technology into more of your live chat workflows.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Empower Prospects with Webhook Capabilities

More data sources = more intelligent chat experiences.

With our new Webhooks feature, you can now instantly update systems outside of Drift, based on what’s happening in Drift. You can also easily pull data from external databases into chat in order to answer questions, perform self-service actions, and nurture potential buyers in a more sophisticated (and relevant) way.

Using this feature, customers can, for example, check their order status, start a free trial, or get answers to questions about their specific plan. As for your internal teams, they’ll be able to automatically enroll prospects in nurture emails after they register for events through your chatbot, instantly update on-premise systems, and more.

Playbook Webhooks

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Optimize Playbook Performance Through Team Collaboration

Working together just got a whole lot easier with Playbook Collaboration. Now, anyone on your team can access, comment on, and edit Drift playbooks — even if they don’t have a Drift seat.

Today, we hit our first milestone in the update, by releasing a single, expanded view of your playbooks which displays every bot message and potential response. This way, your team members can easily visualize what they are working on.

Playbook Expanded View

Following this milestone, we’ll also have two more updates. The first will allow Drift admins to share playbook content with anyone regardless of whether they have a seat in Drift. The other will allow people to comment on any node within a playbook.

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Enhance Reporting with Large CSV Exports

To make smarter decisions that improve your metrics and KPIs, you need complete visibility into your marketing and sales performance. With our improved reporting platform, you can now export all of that critical information without any limit on volume.

With Large CSV Exports, Drift admins and sales managers can export unlimited data, ensuring access to comprehensive insights and valuable reports without any restrictions.

Chat Reports

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Deliver Immediate Account Insights to Sales

For sales reps, having account information on hand is crucial to driving better conversations. That’s why we’ve made it easy for sales reps to access details about their target accounts throughout the Drift app.

With Account Details Quick Access, reps can now easily retrieve context around any contact or account in a single click. This allows your reps to access any account’s information directly within the live chat interface.

Additionally, we’ve revamped the account details page so that it now offers a comprehensive overview of each account. This includes new cards that provide valuable insights and a reorganized format for logical data grouping.

Drift Prospector Account Page

Together, these enhancements enable reps to quickly leverage detailed account information to help them make the most of their inbound and outbound selling.

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New in Beta 🚀: GPT Translations in Live Chat

As pioneers in Conversational AI, we at Drift are constantly enhancing our AI capabilities and Drift’s platform — and now, we’re working on delivering more value to our customers with generative AI. Since March, we’ve introduced three exciting new features powered by GPT technology: AI Suggested Replies, Topic Example Generation, and Response Generation.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our latest addition: GPT Translations, is in Beta. With translation support for nine languages, including English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Dutch, you can now seamlessly communicate with a global audience.

Whether you’re expanding into a new region or serving website visitors worldwide, Drift has you covered. As a result, GPT Translations enable you to scale your team and reach so that you can deliver relevant, multi-language conversations that build trust with customers — without draining your budget or team.

GPT Translations

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That’s all for this month. Check back next month for some more hot summer releases ☀️

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