Integrations, Certifications, and the Playbook Experience: August Updates from Drift

We understand that Drift is one part of your team’s tech stack and not the only way your buyer interacts with you. And this is what drove our releases this month.

From integrations to in-depth training to reporting changes – the updates this month were substantive and designed to help you use Drift and reach your buyer in more ways.

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Drift + SalesLoft Integration

Buyers want fast, easy, and personalized buying experiences where they can easily navigate your website and get the right help at the right time.

Marketers and sellers want to know who is online and what content they are viewing, pages they are visiting, and videos they are watching so they can personalize outreach.

But without alignment, the result is a target account visiting your website, marketing not recognizing the priority buyer, and your sales rep knowing nothing about any of it.

Don’t worry. Because now there’s a better way with Drift’s new integration with SalesLoft.

The Drift + SalesLoft integration gives sales and marketing professionals the visibility and real-time communication tools to engage SalesLoft-enrolled target accounts. It’s a hyper-personalized communication that reaches prospects when they’re on the website or as an outbound follow-up, based on a buyer’s interests.

Enroll in a SalesLoft cadence

Learn more about how your team can leverage the Drift and SalesLoft integration.

Updated Playbook Basics Certification

Want to know the best way to engage with a target account who saw a LinkedIn ad for your solution?

Get the answer to that question – and more – in the all-new Playbook Basics Certification.

This completely revamped course features Drift experts who will teach you:

  • Best practices to start conversations that help you meet your goals
  • How to engage site visitors and target your most high-value accounts
  • Step-by-step processes for planning, designing, and building your bots

Get certified today.

Updated Playbook Performance Report

Understanding how your playbooks are performing over time is critical to being successful with Drift. It’s important to review performance regularly and optimize playbooks to make sure you are hitting your goals.

With updates to the playbook performance report, you can now visualize how your playbook has performed over time and make the updates you need.

Playbook performance reporting

Click here to access Playbook reporting.

Inboxes for Workspaces

In our continued effort to improve your experience with Drift, we have updated inboxes for Drift Workspaces. The default inbox name now reflects your company name, instead of “sales” or “support.”

Creating Workspaces

Learn more about setting up Drift Workspaces.

Unified Playbook Editing Experience

Drift playbooks have evolved over time, and we are focused on making sure they are simple to use (while still driving results). This month, our product design teams focused on improving the editing experience for some of our legacy playbook types like live chat and announcement.

That’s it for now. Check back next month for more updates from Drift.

Ready to learn Drift best practices and build bots that align with the Revenue Acceleration model? Get the updated Playbook Basics Certification today.