Workspaces, Saved Filters, and Emails: July Updates from Drift

How can we improve the Drift experience for our customers?

Answering that question is what drove a lot of our July updates. From big rocks like supporting international marketplaces to smaller (but no less important) ones like getting more custom with notifications. July was all about making updates that will work for you.

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Drift Workspaces

Sometimes one Drift instance is just not enough – we get it. That’s why Drift now offers Workspaces to manage settings, teams, and playbooks by region. Workspaces lets you keep each region or business unit’s activities and reporting separate, allowing you to offer even more personalized experiences to customers and prospects.

Drift Workspaces

Learn more about Workspaces here.

ABM Notifications Based on Your Saved Filters

We often talk about the value of customizing the experience for site visitors. But, what about for you as a Drift user? Now, you can tailor your notification preferences when a target account visits the website.

Drift users can customize notifications based on any number of criteria. For example:

  • Any account (target or non-target) visits a pricing page
  • Any target account the user owns with the custom “Has Open Opportunity” field set in SFDC
  • Any account in which a known contact visits
  • Any accounts in which a contact with a particular job title, like “CMO,” visits a page

Saved Filters

Visit your Activity Feed to get started.

“No Data” Account Activity Digest Email

Sometimes no news is good news. But sometimes it can mean there is no activity from your target accounts.

Drift now sends out an account activity digest email even when there has been no activity or visits from accounts in the last 24 hours. You can then broaden the criteria of the alerts you receive and of your digest emails or look into why there is a lack of activity.

No Activity Email

Visit your Activity Feed to explore more.

New and Improved Email Editor Within the Drift Email Campaign Builder

The email editor got lots of small-but-mighty updates to make a big difference in user experience. Some of these updates include the ability to copy and paste while editing campaigns for both Mac and Windows.

Drift Email

Learn more about Drift Email.

That’s it for now. Check back next month for more updates from Drift.

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