Salesforce iFrame, Prospector Updates, and More Reporting Enhancements: What’s New from Drift This April

By Noah Kortkamp

With spring in full swing, we at Drift are turning up the heat and bringing our customers eight new features this month 🔥

Today, we are excited to share updates to our reporting infrastructure, Salesforce integration, and sales rep workflows.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Streamline Playbook Creation with Dropdowns

When site visitors engage with a chatbot, sometimes five response options simply aren’t enough — like when choosing a country or US state. Historically, this has meant using open text input, which can lead to human error or button overload.

That’s why we’ve made things easier by introducing dropdowns in playbooks.

Dropdowns in chat responses let website visitors choose from a list of pre-defined options instead of the traditional button responses. This allows marketers to create playbooks faster and gain more accurate visitor data by removing open-text responses.

Dropdowns in Drift Playbooks

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Improve Sales Rep Workflow Using Prospector

Now more than ever, sales reps need to be making the most of their time in their outbound prospecting. This means engaging your top accounts when you’re top-of-mind for them and tailoring your outreach to the specific needs and pain points of each prospect.

Drift Prospector empowers sales reps with a prospecting tool that tells you exactly where to focus your time, so you can engage the right accounts and hit your numbers. And, with these recent changes to Prospector, reps can get even more value out of their prospecting.

Sales reps can now filter their dashboard by territory, industry, and company size to view their most relevant accounts. Additionally, sales reps now have access to visualizations that show whether an account has engaged, allowing them to easily identify the right accounts to contact. With these changes, you’ll be able to save time for your sales reps while empowering them to be more strategic with their outreach.

Drift Prospector

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Consolidate Your Insights with Drift iFrame in Salesforce

As a sales rep, you’re likely spending most of your time in Salesforce. On the downside, this means you may miss out on essential Drift insights that can help you prioritize and reach out to target accounts more efficiently.

That’s why we’re putting all that critical engagement data from Drift directly into Salesforce. Now, it’s easy for you to see how your accounts are engaging with you, which means more personalized outreach, more meetings, and improved customer satisfaction.

Drift iFrame in Salesforce

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Add More Customization to Your Reporting

In order to make smarter decisions to improve your marketing and sales, you’re going to need visibility into your performance. With our improved reporting platform, you can get all that critical information instantly.

Now, you have more power to customize your reporting with filter drill-downs. This makes it easier to dig deeper into your data within Drift, as well as export your data for further manipulation.

We’ve also enhanced our Chats Report so that you now have the ability to filter for the day of the week or time of day, which allows you to get more granular with your insights and drive even more informed decisions.

Drift Chats Report

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ABM & Account Sync for Microsoft Dynamics

Throughout the B2B buying process, personalization is vital for engaging prospects and retaining customers. With competition at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever to understand the unique needs and preferences of each of your buyers and tailor their experiences accordingly.

Our improved Microsoft Dynamics integration can help you there. Now, customers using Microsoft Dynamics are able to take full advantage of Drift’s ABM functionality. By using ABM owner routing, ABM welcome messages, and ABM alerts, sales reps can ensure they’re reaching customers and prospects at the point of highest intent.

ABM Alerts

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Go Live with Conversational AI in Minutes

As a leader and innovator in Conversational AI, our team at Drift is more than ready to dive into the world of generative AI. We launched our first generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) feature in March and now, we’re augmenting our AI capabilities — and our overall platform — with GPT to create more value for our customers.

With that, we’re excited to announce the second of many features utilizing GPT technology, AI Topic Example Generation.

Using GPT-4 trained on your unique business, Drift suggests strong topic examples right out of the box. This makes your AI chatbot smarter so it can accurately answer any questions your site visitors throw at it, helping to deliver a positive experience. No more waiting for site visitors to bring up a new topic in chat or having to think of example utterances yourself to train your AI model.

AI Topic Example Generation

That’s all for this month. Check back next month for more from Drift ⚡️

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