Microsoft Dynamics, Maximizing Efficiency, and Actionable AI: What’s New This Quarter at Drift

By Noah Kortkamp

It’s been another busy quarter here at Drift ⚡️

As always, we’ve been working hard to make it easier for you to have more meaningful conversations with your customers and prospects.

So, this quarter, we are thrilled to reveal more releases that take our integrations, AI, and customer insights to the next level — all while improving your go-to-market team’s efficiency.  If you’re looking to generate more revenue with fewer resources using Drift, you’re in the right place.

Read on to review our top new features this quarter 👇

Drift + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

With more than 50 integrations and an open developer API, Drift ensures a seamless experience across your entire tech stack. Now that we’ve added Microsoft Dynamics to the list, you can sync your Drift data with one of the largest and most trusted CRM platforms.

The Drift + Microsoft Dynamics integration automatically creates as well as updates leads and contacts from Drift conversations within Dynamics 365. It also adds full chat transcripts to the record, and you can set lead owners to whichever sales rep first participated in the conversation, booked a meeting, or ended the conversation.

With this integration, you can now easily use real-time data from Drift conversations to gain more insight into your prospects, optimize your marketing campaigns, and create personalized outreach to close more deals.

Drift + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Build Out Your Playbooks More Efficiently

Here at Drift, we know that many companies have had to drive results with limited budgets and fewer resources this quarter. That’s why we’ve focused on building features that will help you maximize your productivity.

In November, we launched our refreshed Drift Playbook Marketplace, where you can find everything you need to make the most out of Drift. It includes templates for different use cases, examples of how each playbook should be used, and tutorial videos to guide you through the entire building process. With these best practices at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem turning your personalized conversations into more pipeline.

Drift Playbook Marketplace

Additionally, we launched Reusable Blocks 2.0 to make it even easier to scale your chatbot playbooks. Reusable Blocks enable you to reuse conversational flows across multiple playbooks — which means you’ll be able to create a more reliable, consistent experience without having to go through complex tasks repeatedly.

Learn more about the Drift Playbook Marketplace and Reusable Blocks 2.0.

Streamline Your Sales Workflows

For sales reps, the key to efficiency is streamlined workflows and minimal tool overload. And that’s what was top-of-mind for us as we made improvements to the sales workflows inside Drift. 

With the updated Sales Rep Dashboard, reps can now view all their core account insights in a single glance. This includes insights into account engagement, recent activity, and visitors that are live on your website.

Sales Rep Dashboard

Additionally, we’ve added 6sense attributes to our live view and live chat features. If you have both 6sense and Drift, you can now pull on key attributes such as buying stage, intent score, profile fit, and profile score to better understand your site visitors and enrich your conversations.

Learn more about Sales Rep Dashboard and our 6sense integration.

Level Up Your AI Conversations

These past few months have proven that AI is a powerful tool — and nowhere is that clearer than with conversations. With several key enhancements to our patented Conversational AI, it’s now easier to offer your site visitors more personalized and more human conversations at scale.

Novel Utterances Conversation Path allows you to define a separate path in your playbooks for when the AI chatbot encounters a novel or unrecognized utterance. Now, instead of leaving your visitors confused, your AI chatbot can work to clarify the question or route in a human while also gathering data to help you improve your conversations and ensure an even better customer experience.

Similarly, Drift’s AI Topic Library has a new signal profanity base topic that you can use to identify profane language across your conversations. With this, you can customize how your AI chatbot responds to profane language and give the site visitor a chance to rephrase their utterance without profanity.

Last but not least, the AI Conversation Review tab allows you to review and rate AI conversations within the AI Topic Library. This tab makes it easy to access all the available AI messages for you to review. Training your AI bot just got a whole lot easier 🤖

Learn more about Novel Utterances, Signal Profanity, and Conversation Review.

We at Drift love helping you make your lives easier. So, we hope you enjoy all these new ways to deliver smarter, more personalized experiences to your customers. And be on the lookout for more updates — we’ve got a lot more coming your way this year ⚡️

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