Routing Test Mode, Archiving AI Topics, and Response Timer: April Releases from Drift

By Gauri Iyengar

March was a big month here at Drift. We hosted FLASH Miami, our first in-person event in two years. While there, we unveiled Drift Conversation Cloud, which breaks down the silos across your team so you can deliver a consistent, personalized experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

And with that, we also introduced:

But, of course, that’s not where things end. Our team has kept up the momentum, and now we have some user-friendly updates for you this month 👇

Routing Test Mode

Routing is critical to ensure every conversation ends up in the right place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could test whether your new routing rule is doing what you want it to do?

Routing Test Mode allows you to create a new routing rule and test it out before making it live. Now, with test mode enabled, you can check whether the rule would have worked correctly by looking at the Routing Audit Log for conversations.

Enable routing test mode

Click here to learn more about routing.

Archive Base and Custom Topics in the AI Library

Drift’s Conversational AI doesn’t only let you nurture qualified leads, create VIP experiences, and deflect low-level support inquiries — it also collects all that conversational data. Using that data, Drift offers a library of AI topics, along with the option to create custom topics.

Now, you have the option to archive irrelevant topics to make sure the AI data you are seeing makes the most sense for your business.

Archive Drift AI topics

Click here to learn how to use Drift AI in playbooks.

Response Rate Timer

Your customers expect a speedy response when they chat in with a question. For anyone who works in support, keeping those response times to a minimum is likely a top priority.

With the new response rate timer, you can gauge how much time has elapsed between customer responses and keep on top of your SLAs.

See how much time has elapsed with the response rate timer.

Click here to learn more about Conversational Service.

That’s it for this month. Check back soon for more updates from Drift.

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