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Everything Starts with a Conversation

Behind every million dollar deal, every opportunity, every renewal, every partnership — is a conversation.

And at FLASH, we connected the dots for marketing, sales, and customer teams to help you create hyper-personalized experiences that grow revenue.

We took a deep dive into our newest products, learned from industry trailblazers, and heard real-world examples from Drift customers.

We also raised the bar on the agenda, adding more opportunities to learn from top leaders and snag actionable takeaways to share with your team.

No need to worry if you didn’t make it on April 13th, we’ve bundled the whole experience to share with you on demand. Keep the conversation going and let us know your favorite highlights on social with #FLASHVirtual.



Your Speakers

Amy Jo Martin

Founder/CEO Renegade Global, NYT Best-Selling Author

Sally Hogshead

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Chris Koehler

CMO at Box

Katie Foote

CMO at Drift

Leo Tenenblat

CPO at Drift

Justin Keller

VP of Revenue Marketing at Drift

Tracy Sestili

VP of Marketing at Intellimize

Neil Shah

Director of Product Marketing at Sendoso


12:00pm ET | 9:00 am PT
Session #1

Renegades Write the Rules

Did you know that humanizing your brand is the secret sauce to not only hooking buyers but also turning them into brand advocates?

That’s because humans are more likely to connect with you over your logo or brand colors.

It’s also why Amy Jo Martin, the founder and CEO of Renegade Global, has spent her career helping organizations and celebrities transform their brand strategies.

Join her session to hear her tried-and-true formula for creating a human-driven, revenue-generating impact on your business through your digital footprint. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build more human-to-human connections with your community
  • Turn ideas and “Why Not Now?” moments into action
  • Create experiences that deliver results and turn prospects into brand advocates

No matter where you are in your business journey, you’ll learn something new to help you create a brand that truly resonates with your audience.

Amy Jo Martin, Founder/CEO Renegade Global, NYT Bestselling Author
Session #2

Conversion Nirvana: How Drift Uses Intellimize to Convert More Traffic into Revenue

First impressions matter, which is why your website is so important to your overall marketing strategy. Join Tracy Sestili, VP of Marketing at Intellimize, in an interview with Drift’s VP of Revenue Marketing, Justin Keller, to learn how Drift uses Intellimize to engage with potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. You’ll hear how Drift customizes visitors’ experiences and delivers the most relevant information to encourage them to take action.

Tracy Sestili, Intellimize
Justin Keller, Drift
Session #3

Drift Conversation Cloud

Business has changed. Today, customers, not businesses, have the power. They prefer to engage online – and expect great experiences across all digital channels. To keep up, companies must connect with their customers online, in a relevant way, at every step of their journey. Join Drift’s Chief Product Officer, Leo Tenenblat, to learn how Drift Conversation Cloud helps businesses make this transition.

Leo Tenenblat, Drift
Session #4

3 Ways to Unlock Your Brand's Potential in a Digital-First World

Katie Foote, Drift
Chris Koehler, Box
Session #5

Unique Gifting and Personalization to Develop Deeper Human Connections

Marketing teams are always on the hunt looking for new strategies to boost engagement with buyers and customers. In our digitally-saturated world, it’s more important than ever to include highly personalized touch points and engagement with help from sales. 

Join this session to learn how to: 

  • Increase marketing and sales alignment
  • Use new technology to deepen relationships with prospects and customers
  • Generate revenue through the power of direct mail and personalization
Neil Shah, Sendoso
Session #6

Tapping into the Ultimate Team Experience to Drive Results

One of the biggest secrets to giving buyers the experiences they crave is making sure that your marketing, sales, and service teams are on the same page. But collaboration can be challenging in today’s digital environment.

In this session, best-selling author Sally Hogshead shares insights into what makes a brand stand out in customers’ minds, starting with your team. You’ll learn how to:

  • Own your unique strengths and set yourself apart from the competition
  • Foster collaboration and alignment across your team (and different personalities)
  • Empower your team to think differently to create experiences that surprise and delight

Your team is the key to meeting – and surpassing – customers’ expectations. Isn’t it time you gave your customers what they’ve been asking for?

Sally Hogshead, New York Times Best-Selling Author