We’re Rolling Out Unlimited Contacts. Because No One Should Be Punished For Growing Their Business.

Have you ever worried about reaching the next tier of contacts because you knew your budget couldn’t handle it? Have you spent hours trimming and culling contact databases in your CRM or marketing automation platform?

I’ve been there too. And it’s not a good feeling. In fact, it’s the worst. I’ve had everything in my tech stack over the last five years, including yes, Intercom. I’ve felt the pain of contact tiers first-hand and can relate to every demand gen and marketing leader out there.

Why should companies punish you for growing? After all, that’s the promise most software products these days make. Use our service and you’ll grow your business faster. Install our product and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

And then the hammer drops. You reach that next contact tier and you panic. You get your entire ops team on deck to trim down your list. Businesses have actually been created to help you do this! So now you need tools to manage your tools?

It’s truly awful.

Because you’ve spent YEARS building up your database. And now you need to decide if contacts that are 1 year old or 6 months old or 3 months old make the cut. You’re literally washing money down the drain. What if the leads you’re throwing in the trash to keep your marketing budget below your benchmark are actually just higher up in your funnel? And require more nurturing and education about how you can help them solve their problems?

At Drift, we’ve decided enough is enough. We’re not going to punish you for growing. In fact, we want to support that growth every step of the way. Which is why we’ve introduced new features like Drift Meetings, which gives you the flexibility to keep your SDRs on chat, but also allows them to book meetings directly on their AE’s calendars. And it’s why we’re removing restrictions on the number of contacts you can have in your Drift database.

From here on out, we’re offering unlimited contact pricing to everyone.

We’re here to support your growth 100%. And that means allowing you to keep 100% of those valuable contacts. Because we know how hard you’ve worked to acquire each and every one.

With unlimited contacts, our pricing is dead simple: you’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month and we won’t penalize you for actually doing your job as a marketer and generating more leads. Gone are the days when we require you to work for us. No more calculating your database growth to estimate where you might end up in 12 months. We are here for one reason, you. We work for you, every single day.

Now you go out there and get those leads.