Drift Is Built to Deliver Qualified Leads, Meetings and Conversations — Using Humans AND Bots

Our intelligent bot is smart. It asks the right people on your website qualifying questions, books meetings, links customer to your knowledge-base, and automatically routes anyone to the perfect person on your team: no matter what they are trying to do. Our bots are at work for you so you can be busy closing deals and making money. Our bots are awake booking meetings while you’re asleep.

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Route Leads the Way That Works for Your Business, Not Our Platform

You know the best way to route leads to your sales team. Drift plays by your rules and uses your routing rules to generate qualified conversations for your sales team. You don’t cater to us, we are here to serve you and help you grow your business your way. Drift automatically qualifies and routes anonymous and named accounts to the right sales rep based on company profile info like account, region, company size and more.

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chatbot routing leads to sales reps

You Know Your Target Accounts, So Does Drift. Let’s Get You Talking to Them

When one of your dream customers or ABM targets arrives, they’ll be greeted by their account owner’s face and automated message. Drift instantly notifies the account owner so they can jump into the conversation, if they’re available. If that rep isn’t available, no problem–the chatbot can book a meeting for them. You’re spending a lot of money targeting your key accounts through different marketing channels, use Drift to provide them with the white glove experience it takes to close deals.

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Provide Personalized Experiences for Each Audience on Different Pages of Your Site

One message for every account and every prospect doesn’t cut it. The message you deliver to Enterprise accounts on your pricing page should and can be very different than the message you deliver to an small business account. Messages you deliver to accounts that already have an opportunity should be different from accounts you’re trying to land an initial meeting with. The more relevant the experience and the message the more leads you can generate.

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