Send Qualified Meetings to Your AEs, No Chatting Required. Introducing Drift Meetings.

Sales meetings are the lifeblood of any sales rep. But sometimes the process of actually booking those meetings is less than ideal and requires some pretty manual work. You know the story. Your site visitors, or *gasp* your target accounts, fill out a form and your AEs have to wait for the lead to make its way into your CRM before they can follow up to book a meeting.

Not ideal. In the least.

But what if your AEs could get qualified meetings delivered to their calendars automatically – without having to wait? No form. No friction. No lead follow-up SLAs to enforce. No lead queues to monitor. Just an instant path from visit to meeting.

With Drift Meetings, your best site visitors can book a meeting in a matter of seconds. And it’s all automated, directly on your site.

Drift Meetings allows you to book meetings with your target accounts right from your website, lets SDRs book meetings on behalf of your AEs after qualifying leads in live chat, and if your team is offline, chatbots are there to book a meeting for you.

Qualified Meetings Booked Directly From Your Website

As a marketer or sales manager, you want to give your best buyers a fastlane to sales. But, your AEs don’t have time to monitor live chat. And they definitely don’t want their calendars filled up with leads that aren’t a great fit.

So, to make booking meetings as easy and efficient as possible, Drift Meetings gives sales reps the ability to connect their calendar and let Drift and their CDR or SDR team handle the rest. It’s that simple.

AEs not only get meetings faster, but marketers can convert high value visitors into sales meetings immediately, without asking their reps to jump into a chat. You can even show a personalized “Book a Meeting” call-to-action for target accounts on your site to drive them to book a meeting with their AE right away.

Pretty cool, right? Read on to learn more about how Drift Meetings helps you send qualified meetings to sales faster.

Chatbots That Book Meetings For You – No Chat Required

It’s more important than ever to meet your buyers where they are. But we know not everyone has the time or resources to staff live chat 24/7. We also know there’s a new rule for sales & marketing teams today – whoever makes it easier to buy will win.

With Drift Meetings, chatbots always have you covered. They’re standing by to automatically book meetings with your most qualified leads – 24/7/365.

Drift Meetings_Chatbot to AE hand off

Automated Handoff from SDR to AE 

Let’s take a look at how PathFactory uses Drift Meetings to give their sales reps an edge.

The PathFactory sales team currently consists of 19 BDRS and 18 AEs. Prior to Drift Meetings, these 19 BDRs checked to be sure AEs were available for meetings by reviewing the AE’s calendar manually. They would then invite the AE at an appropriate time outside of the Drift platform. This made it difficult to 1) move quickly and 2) create a seamless workflow since they were toggling between several different interfaces. Not to mention, tracking and attributing all of this sales activity was time consuming and cumbersome for PathFactory’s Marketing Operations Manager, Matthew McLaren.

After implementing Drift Meetings across the AE team, PathFactory saw a couple key benefits. First, the BDRs didn’t have to worry about checking an AE’s calendar because they were able to seamlessly drop calendars directly within Drift chat. And second, Matthew no longer had to manually create meeting activities in Salesforce to ensure accurate attribution. With Drift Meetings it all just happens on the back end.

Drift Meetings_BDR to AE hand off

More Meetings = More Money

At the end of the day, more meetings = more money. So, even if you’re not ready to roll-out live chat, you can start reaping the benefits of conversational marketing by helping your team book more meetings faster.

If you’re already on board with conversational marketing, Drift Meetings will shorten sales cycles, increase your SDR productivity, and improve the “handoff” experience for your buyers.

Ready to get started with Drift Meetings? Chat in to our team to get going now.