4 Data-Proven Ways to Source More Opportunities Through Drift

By Madison Garnick

More opportunities, more pipeline, more revenue — all leading to higher ROI. That’s what we want out of our tech stack, right?

At Drift, we’re always looking to get the biggest bang for our buck, and we assume that’s how you feel about our product, too.

Hi 👋 I’m Madison, Data Analyst at Drift. As someone who lives and breathes Drift data 40 hours a week, I wanted to find out, “What does it take for our customers to see the most value from Drift?”

So, I dug into the numbers. And after analyzing the metrics around sourced opportunities (the number of sales and pending deals influenced by Drift) from over 1,000 Drift customers in the past year, I discovered some interesting trends.

Here, you’ll find the four key tactics (backed by data) that our top customers use to source opportunities through Drift. So, if you want to get as many closed-won deals as possible from your Drift instance, keep reading.👇

1. Get Your Team to Use Drift

It may sound like common sense, but the easiest way to start sourcing more opportunities through Drift…is to make sure your team is actually using Drift.

And it doesn’t take many conversations to move the needle. Our research found that customers who had at least seven conversations through Drift per day sourced 173% more opportunities than those who had less than seven.

The same can be said when it comes to how many of your employees with Drift seats are active in Drift week-over-week. Our research showed that customers who had a minimum of 35% of their Drift users actively engaging with their customers through live chat per week sourced 62% more opportunities than those with less than 35%. Plus, customers with a minimum of 40% of their Drift users in the Drift platform at all during a week sourced 53% more opportunities than those with less than 40%.

The TL;DR? If your Drift users consistently use Drift, you’ll see more sourced opportunities come through Drift.

2. Connect Your Calendar to Drift Meetings

Whether it’s through Drift or otherwise, sourcing opportunities comes down to making the process of connecting with a human as frictionless as possible.

That’s why we recommend all sales users connect their calendars to Drift Meetings. When they do, your site visitors will be able to instantly book a meeting through your chatbot or via a link within your rep’s email signature — no back-and-forth required. Plus, with the Drift bot being online 24/7/365, your prospects will have access to your reps’ calendars regardless of whether or not they’re online, meaning that your reps can literally book meetings in their sleep.

The results? On average, when Drift customers had just over 26% of their weekly active users take advantage of the connected calendar feature, they saw 90% more sourced opportunities than those without their calendars connected.


3. Integrate Your Tech Stack

At Drift, we know that creating a personalized website experience is largely contingent on your understanding of your prospects’ and customers’ buying journeys.

That’s why, to ensure you get the full picture, our product team has focused much of their time building out a robust platform of Drift integrations. Because, by leveraging data from across your entire tech stack, you gain a more comprehensive view of your account activity, allowing you to be more personalized in your outreach.

And the data proves that taking advantage of our integrations makes a difference. Customers who build targeted playbooks using third-party data from integrations like 6sense, Demandbase, and Clearbit see 90% more opportunities sourced than those who don’t leverage these integrations in their playbooks.

4. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Your customers’ buying journeys are constantly changing, and for this reason, your Drift playbooks should be, too.

This doesn’t mean you need to (or should) rebuild your playbook from scratch every week — instead, it means you should be consistently checking in on your playbook performance and noting areas for improvement. Drift’s Analytics and Insights can tell you which types of conversations on which pages are leading to the most closed deals and revenue. Also, with these insights, you can look at any bot flows that may be underperforming and leverage Drift’s A/B testing feature to iterate on your hooks, CTA messages, or overall bot flow, accordingly.

Our research shows that customers who monitor their playbook performance weekly and iterate on them accordingly generate 32% more opportunities than those who don’t update them regularly.

If regularly updating your playbooks feels like a bigger task than your team can manage, let Drift do the work for you! Drift’s professional services team serves as an extension of your team in helping you build your conversation strategy, recommending playbooks, and sharing best practices. Learn more here.

Final Thoughts

As all of these tips show, boosting the amount of opportunities you source through Drift doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of bandwidth. In truth, a little effort can actually go a really long way.

By being active in Drift, making sure your tools are talking to each other, and moving against the status quo, we guarantee your company will be on the sourced opportunities leaderboard in no time.

Want to dive deeper into one of these tips? Read our strategy guide to driving more pipeline faster or talk to us.