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With 6sense and Drift you’ll uncover new opportunities and accelerate sales velocity with real-time personalized conversations.

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About 6Sense

6sense reinvents the way organizations create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue by capturing anonymous buying signals, targeting the right accounts at the ideal time, and recommending the channels and messages to boost revenue performance.

It made perfect sense to join the two platforms of Drift and 6sense – together it is like printing pipeline. It’s incredibly beneficial to uncover anonymous buyers, prioritize target accounts that are in market, and engage them across channels; even more crucial, we now have the ability to also personalize the conversation and alert reps once they reach our website.
SVP, Digital Marketing Strategy and Operations at PTC

6Sense and Drift

With 6sense and Drift, you can uncover real opportunities for your business, prioritize the right accounts and contacts, and engage buyers with meaningful conversations. You'll identify anonymous, high value accounts browsing your website and gain actionable account information. A conversation can be started immediately on your website and routed to the right sales reps based on 6sense firmographic attributes — removing the friction from the buying process, improving pipeline quality, and accelerating sales velocity. 

In addition to 6sense firmographic attributes such as company name, industry, revenue, and location, customers can leverage dynamic segments and predictive analytics into Drift to drive even more highly targeted messages and actions when a visitor lands on your website.

Use cases

  • Give website visitors a personalized experience that stands out

    Use Drift Intel to trigger customized welcome messages, chat playbooks, and more—so every visitor can get the kind of personal touch buyers want and expect. With Drift you’ll instantly recognize high-value target accounts, engage them with personalized messages based on detailed account information, or route them to the right sales rep, using 6sense data.

  • Take your account-based sales and marketing strategies to the next level

    De-anonymized website traffic and deliver personalized messages to your target accounts by infusing Drift with even more data points. You’ll automatically capture leads and opportunities aligned with your ABM strategy.

  • Connect with high-value buyers in real time to fast-track opportunities

    When a visitor lands on your website, you’ll gain firmographic insights, such as company name, industry, revenue, and location. You’ll leverage dynamic segments and predictive analytics to drive highly targeted messages and actions and even route in the right sales reps.