Put revenue and pipeline on repeat


The Deetz

There’s no sweeter sound in the world than: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemix.

That’s why we’re throwing it back to our customers to bring you their favorite, high-performing Conversational Marketing and Sales plays — and how they used Drift to increase revenue and reduce cost. They’ll chop ‘em up, break ‘em down and give you everything you need to make sweet marketing and sales music for yourself. This supergroup of Drift power customers is only appearing together once for this special two-day panel event, so don’t miss your chance to turn the volume up on your results.


First up

Drive More Pipeline, Faster

Like an epic guitar solo, Day 1 of Conversations (Re)mastered started off with a bang 🎸In this session we served up the foundation you need to create Conversational Marketing and Sales strategies that actually engage and convert.


  • Converting more high-volume traffic
  • Increasing target account pipeline
  • Creating more expansion pipeline

Stacy Chen

Host & Conversion Marketing Manager at Drift

Kerry Rana

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing and Experience at ExtraHop

Kimberley Ong

Sr. Director of Marketing Operations at eSentire Inc

Lindsay Hasz

Director of Digital Insights and Optimization at SAP Concur

Next up

Boost Efficiency Without Sacrificing Results

Big impacts without big effort? That’s music to our ears 🎵 We’re back with another action-packed session — this time our focus was on maximizing your teams’ effort and efficiency to drive big-time results.


  • Reducing cost per lead
  • Increasing productivity per rep
  • Reducing cost of service

Stacy Chen

Host & Conversion Marketing Manager at Drift

Sonya Hansen

Senior Director of Global Demand Generation at Workiva Inc.

Márcia Bernardo

Lead Operations Analyst at OutSystems

Let's get down to business boosting