Accelerate Revenue by Connecting with More Buyers Faster. Introducing Drift Prospector.


Business is all about revenue.

But the truth is, so many businesses are struggling to hit their targets right now. We’ve all been forced to change the way we engage with our buyers. And no one feels this drive to change more than a CRO who just missed their number for the second quarter in a row.

Now there were probably a few things that went wrong along the way, but it all starts with building pipeline – and to build pipeline, you’ve got to start with prospecting. According to B2B Lead, 50% of prospecting is unproductive. I mean think about it – over 90% of the calls your team makes go unanswered. And of the ones that are answered, only 2% actually result in a first meeting. This has only gotten worse in a fully digital world.

There’s one role in your sales organization that bears the burden of this problem the most – the people who live and die by setting meetings every day. It’s your SDR team.

They’re on the hook to prospect into target accounts, book meetings for their AEs, and (you guessed it) build pipeline for the business. SDR leaders can attest that it’s getting harder and harder to hit their number. Nearly two-thirds of their team’s time is spent on non-revenue generating activity. So as a result, there’s an 84% chance their teams won’t consistently hit quota each month.

But this isn’t just a problem for your SDRs. It’s for every seller who’s out there grinding to build qualified pipeline.

The problem is that they just don’t know where to focus 👀

They’re stuck between piecing together bits of information from multiple systems to use in their outreach or entering data into the CRM to make sure they’re hitting their activity goals.

So to make life easier, they’ve turned to technology to help manage their day-to-day and get better results. There are a lot of tools out there that are focused on solving a single problem. For example, there’s Salesforce to manage accounts and log activities, Outreach to orchestrate outbound prospecting, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to research key contacts at target accounts, and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I think these tools are a step in the right direction. But the reality is that your sellers still have to jump between them. And none of these tools tell your team where they should be spending their time in order to deliver the best result – whether they’re goaled on meetings or bookings.

So what if you could give your sellers a blueprint that tells them exactly where to focus their time in order to hit their number?

With Drift, now you can.

Introducing Drift Prospector – Connect with Your Buyers Faster.

Drift Prospector helps your sales team accelerate revenue by knowing which accounts to focus on and what to say. Sellers can quickly see which of their accounts are most engaged, what contacts make up the buying committee, and are given direct access to follow up in real-time – all from a single interface.

Here’s how Drift Prospector will help you supercharge your sales team to accelerate revenue?

Know Which Accounts to Focus On

One of the biggest challenges for sellers is prioritizing their target accounts. They’re constantly going back and forth between systems, sifting through activity, and trying to make sense of the data to see if anything happened that warrants outreach. This only leaves them confused and forces them to blindly prospect into accounts without understanding where their prospects are in their buyers’ journey.

With Drift Prospector, your sellers’ target accounts are automatically prioritized for them. Using an engagement score that takes into account how many contacts visited your website, what pages they were on, which emails were opened, how many views your video got – amongst other things – sellers get deep insight into what’s going on with a specific account. This lets them make data-driven decisions on which accounts to focus on in order to meet their goals.

Identify the Buying Committee and What They Care About

We all know it takes anywhere from six to eight decision-makers to make a purchasing decision in a typical B2B sales cycle. So sellers go to LinkedIn to find contacts that match their target personas. The problem is that it’s difficult to know if the contact they found will actually be involved in the buying process.

With Drift Prospector, your sellers get a clear picture into which contacts are driving engagement for an account (and who might be involved in the decision-making process). They get high-level information about the contact including name, title, number of activities, and when the contact was last active. They also get a much deeper view into what the person was doing – including what pages they were on and which emails they opened, so the seller can respond to each person on the buying committee in a personalized way.

Sound the Alarm When Something Happens with an Account

I mentioned earlier in this post how salespeople are using other tools to prioritize their account follow up. But the problem is that this data can take hours or even days to get into the hands of the rep – preventing them from taking action quickly. And we all know, time kills all deals.

With Drift Prospector, your sellers are instantly notified the second something happens with one of their accounts – helping them seize the moment. Whether they’re on their desktop or phone, when a notification comes through they can quickly click in and start chatting with their target account. And if for any reason the buyer or seller isn’t available anymore, sellers have an activity feed that shows them all activity over time so they can quickly follow up by shooting their buyer an email, recording them a Drift Video, dropping them into an Outreach sequence, or sending them a message on LinkedIn.

Hit Your Number with Everything You Need in One Place

Salespeople are working out of multiple tools and tabs every single day. This makes it:

  • A big time suck to input all of their activity across so many different systems
  • Really difficult to figure out where they should be focusing their time
  • Nearly impossible to access and make sense of all the data at their disposal
  • Extremely hard to take the right action (and not to mention remember to track that action properly to make sure they hit their number)

With Drift Prospector, all of your sellers’ activity is centralized in a single location and automatically tracked in the systems your manager uses to measure your performance. That way, you can always be sure that you’re hitting your activity, meeting, and pipeline targets.

Want to accelerate your revenue by helping your sales team connect with more buyers faster? Get a demo of Drift Prospector today.