Behind the Playbooks: An Insider’s Guide to Accelerating Your Sales Process With Drift

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in order to make your sales process more efficient might sound like a complicated undertaking.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Look, we understand that adopting a new technology and adapting to a new way of doing marketing and sales can be challenging. And scary.

There’s always that lingering fear that comes with learning a new tool or process, and getting things up and running for the first time…

Will this actually work? Will I be able to figure it out?

So when it comes to running a conversational sales and marketing process, and using intelligent chatbots to make your sales funnel more efficient, we understand the hesitation.

Coming up with all the different questions and answers, configuring the different follow-up actions and outcomes — it all sounds a bit tedious. It’s like you have this giant mess of LEGO bricks at your disposal, but no instructions on how to put them together.

And that’s why we introduced Playbooks.

Instead of giving you the LEGO pieces, we’re giving you pre-packaged kits, which means all of the pieces are organized and there are step-by-step instructions.

All you have to do is choose the Playbook you want to run — just like you’re picking a LEGO kit off the shelf.

Right now, we have four main categories of Playbooks you can choose from:

  • Engage Your Visitors
  • Get More Leads
  • Send an Email
  • Get More Sales Meetings

Within each category, there are targeted Playbooks designed to help you hit specific goals — like having sales conversations on your pricing page, or building a blog subscriber list, or booking sales meetings with qualified leads.

And because Playbooks are ready to go right out of the box (so to speak), you don’t have to waste time configuring questions and answers and follow-ups and calls-to-action (CTAs). All of those steps are already baked in.

But what you can do once you have a Playbook running is share the corresponding #DriftLink in emails, on social media, and even link it to the “Contact Us” button on your website. That way potential customers can trigger Playbooks from across the web — not just via a chat widget.

Want to take a deeper dive into how Playbooks work? Keep reading for the full breakdown.

Engage Your Visitors

These playbooks are designed to help you drive engagement on your website using CTAs and one-to-one conversations. Here’s a look at the three different “Engage Your Visitors” Playbooks you can use…

1) Playbook: Have Sales Conversations on Your Pricing Page

Your pricing page is one of the highest-intent pages on your site.

Translation: The visitors who are coming there, especially those dropping by multiple times, are probably interested in your product.

With the “Have Sales Conversations on Your Pricing Page” Playbook, you can display a targeted welcome message on your pricing pages and start generating new sales conversations.

2) Playbook: Drive Traffic with a Targeted Message on Your Homepage

Don’t just let your website visitors sit there on your homepage — engage them, and prompt them to take a next step.

That’s what the “Drive Traffic with a Targeted Message On Your Homepage” Playbook is all about. It helps you funnel your website traffic to a specific page via a targeted CTA.

3) Playbook: Run a Promotion with a Full Screen Takeover

Whether you’re running a flash sale, or are close hitting a sales goal and need that extra push, this Playbook can help you grab people’s attention and drive sales in a short period.

The “Run a Promotion with a Full Screen Takeover” Playbook works just like it sounds: Your targeted announcement takes over the full screen, so there’s no way they can miss it.

Note: All of the “Engage Your Visitors” Playbooks are available on all our paid plans, starting with our Starter plan.

Get More Leads

These Playbooks are designed to replace your lead capture forms with conversations, so you can say goodbye to email follow-ups and endless games of phone tag. Here’s a look at the two “Get More Leads” Playbooks you can use…

1) Playbook: Have More Qualified Conversations via LeadBot

This is the first Playbook I’ve mentioned that’s powered by LeadBot™, our intelligent sales assistant (a.k.a. chatbot) that can ask the same qualifying questions your sales team asks.

Using the “Have More Qualified Conversations via LeadBot” Playbook, you can run a real-time lead generation and qualification process that works 24/7, 365 (even when all your sales reps are asleep).

2) Playbook: Build a Blog Subscriber List

Blogging is still a crucial tool for marketers (which is why we weren’t surprised to find that 99% of the best SaaS marketing teams maintain a blog).

With the “Build a Blog Subscriber List Playbook,” you can convert more of your web traffic into subscribers.

Note: The “Build a Blog Subscriber List” Playbook in included in our Starter plan and above. The “Have More Qualified Conversations via LeadBot” Playbook is available on the Pro plan and above.

Send an Email

Hey, we get it: Despite the current megatrend of messaging, emails can still be valuable to your business. That’s why we have a couple “Send an Email” Playbooks you can run. Check them out here:

1) Playbook: Send a One-Time Email

Now we’re getting old school: Sending a one-off email.

Whether you have a special announcement for your leads or customers, or you want to share a new piece of content with your subscribers, the “Send a One-Time Email” Playbook makes it super simple.

2) Playbook: Send an Automated Email

Targeted emails sent automatically based on specific actions your leads take: That’s what you get with the “Send an Automated Email” Playbook.

It’s a tried and true channel, seamlessly integrated into a modern, conversational marketing and sales platform.

Note: All of the “Send an Email” Playbooks are available as part of our Pro plan and above.

Get More Sales Meetings

I’ve been saving the best one for last: This is the one where you can automatically turn your website traffic into qualified sales meetings. (Seriously.)

With our “Book a Qualified Meeting via LeadBot” Playbook, you unlock a new superpower: The ability to schedule sales meetings and demos around the clock.

All sales reps have to do is connect their calendars. After that, they can sit back, relax, and wait for the meetings to roll in.

For example, as a marketer, I could turn this Playbook on and start booking meetings for my coworker Kevin (wasup, Kevin), and he wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Note: Our “Get More Sales Meetings” Playbook is included in our Enterprise plan.

Final Thought

With Playbooks, we’re trying to get all of the tedious work done for you so you can focus on crafting the perfect messages and having meaningful conversations.

See why thousands of businesses are using Drift to generate leads and close deals faster.