Building a chatbot for your website
has never been easier.


Pre-packaged Playbooks make it easy to get started

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From booking a meeting to sharing helpful content, LeadBot does it all. And to make it really easy to get started we already built Playbooks™ for you.

Pre-packaged Playbooks were designed by our expert conversational marketing team with best practices to engage people on your website.

Making a chatbot for your website has never been easier.

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Bot Skills

Bot Skills help you manage conversations at scale

Not only does LeadBot run 24/7 on your website, it also has lots of Skills to help you manage your conversations.

Like routing conversations to the appropriate sales rep, providing helpful context to your website visitors or targeting only the best leads with personalized messages.

LeadBot’s got mad skills.

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Visual Builder

Build your chatbot the way you actually chat

You have conversations through messaging all day long – on Slack, Facebook Messenger and elsewhere.

And you know the questions you want to ask your leads. You've created a million forms that collect that information.

So why should qualifying people on your website with a chatbot conversation be difficult?

With LeadBot, it isn't.

It is now easier than ever to design a conversation with LeadBot's stunning visual builder.

screenshot of leadbot skills example

Save Conversations

Save your LeadBot conversations to arm your sales team with context

Conversations are the quickest path to revenue.

And Drift helps you have more of them.

But arming your sales team with context from conversations is important too.

That's why with Drift your conversations are automatically saved, you can pass transcripts to other systems, and save answers to LeadBot questions just like you would save a field in a form.

drift syncs with all the systems you currently use

Advanced Targeting

Send targeted and personalized messages

What can a chat message do that a form cannot?

A lot.

Like sending targeted and personalized messages to engage with people on your website that you really want to talk with. LeadBot does that automatically.

Drift also has an advanced integration with Clearbit to identify and engage anonymous visitors.

So 24/7 you have an intelligent sales assistant starting conversations with your highest valued leads.

That's why so many businesses are switching to chatbots instead of forms.

screenshot showing leadbot display conditions

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