Introducing LeadBot

Now you can qualify leads in real-time without having to rely on forms.

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The Intelligent Sales Assistant That Works For You 24/7

LeadBot is an intelligent sales assistant that sits on your website and helps you qualify leads in real-time. LeadBot uses conversations, not forms, so all of the lead qualification you need to do can happen in real-time while someone is live on your website.


Control The Volume & Quality Of Leads

With LeadBot on your website, you can ensure that your team is only spending their time talking to website visitors who fit your ideal customer profile.

It’s easy to fine-tune LeadBot so you only interact with the best leads based on the rules that matter to your business — and this doesn’t require a single line of  code.

All it takes is writing up the same questions that your team is asking via required fields on forms on your website, or on initial qualifying calls — and then LeadBot will do the rest.

Say Goodbye To Lead Forms

Following up with someone hours after they come to your website is like ignoring a person that came into your store —  and then mailing them a postcard hoping that’ll they come back.

LeadBot reaches out in real-time, qualifies them, and routes that lead to the right person. It’s time to say goodbye to lead forms and hello to LeadBot.

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