What Makes a Great Sales Video? Steal This Cheat Sheet Now.


What does “good” look like?

Most of us sellers know what a good email looks like.

We know what a good cold call sounds like.

And we’ve even read a few good LinkedIn requests too.

But what does good look like when it’s in the form of a personalized video?

Yes, video. Your new favorite medium.

Now that many of us are working from home, video is the only option we have to connect with many of our prospects and customers face to face.

It’s no surprise then that people ask me all the time what a good video looks like. After all, video is my job.

As you can tell, I record a LOT of videos. So I dug into the data and noticed a pattern between the videos that went ignored – and the ones that started conversations.

If you’re looking to take your videos from good to great, I’ve got you covered. Use my simple framework to start recording videos that convert views into conversations.

Psst you can take this cheat sheet with you, click here or read it ?

Drift Video Framework

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