Become a Drift Expert. Take the Playbook Basics Certification Today.

Have you ever wanted a way to quickly learn about Drift playbooks and start getting bots out the door? Now you can, with our new Playbook Basics Certification.

Drift’s first product-focused certification is here to help YOU become an expert on chatbots.

This certification is designed to help you not only become an expert on Drift chatbots, but you will also have three playbooks (or bots) ready to go live by the end of it. Why three? Because the Drift customers that see the most success have three or more playbooks live on their website. You see? Taking the certification is a win-win.

What else you’ll get out of it:

  • Strategic advice from the Drift team to enable you to have successful conversations
  • Examples you can start using right away
  • Detailed instructions on how to set up your Drift bot to achieve your desired results

Ready to show off your skills and earn a shiny new badge in the process? You can take the certification right here.

Some of you may have already taken our Conversational Sales or Conversational Marketing certifications and might know what’s in store for you.

But for those of you getting Drift certified for the first time, here’s the scoop ?

We have five classes, with dozens of lessons, all with one goal in mind. Making you successful with Drift:

  • Classes: The classes cover account settings, walk you through launching three playbooks with best practices and show you quick actions you can take to optimize your bots. They’ve all created and curated by our very own conversational marketing experts.
  • Checkpoints: A quick study checkpoint at the end of each class lets you review the lessons and help you keep on track as you progress through the certification. We also offer checkpoint lessons, so you can make sure your bot looks right and is ready to launch.
  • The Playbook Basics Assessment: A series of questions designed to test your knowledge. Complete it and earn the Playbook Basics certification.

Let our experts teach you how to build the best bots – driven by strategy and best practices.

Become a Drift Insider and get certified today.