Do These Three Things to Win at Conversational Marketing in 2024

By Elizabeth Hilfrank

If you’ve read our Conversation Trends Report, you now know that B2B buyers crave digital buying experiences that get them what they need, when they need it. And if you haven’t read the report yet, then I highly recommend you check it out.

Based on the data gathered from that conversation analysis, we’re giving you even more data to ensure that your Drift instance is performing at its best for your site visitors.

Take a look at the best practices gathered from the top-performing Drift playbooks of 2023 and see what you can do to make sure yours are on the list for 2024 👇

🏃 Get Active

We found that customers who have just 35% of their Drift users actively engaging with site visitors through live chat every week source 62% more opportunities than those teams with less than 35%. We recommend enabling notifications and establishing routing rules to ensure no conversations go unacknowledged.

⚙️ Simplify & Streamline

Improving your Conversational Marketing strategy in 2024 doesn’t mean reinventing the digital buying wheel. Instead, it’s all about simplifying the road to revenue for both you and your prospects. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Connect your calendar: We found that Drift customers who had just over 26% of their weekly active users take advantage of the connected calendar feature sourced 90% more opportunities than those who did not take advantage of the calendar feature.
  2. Adopt Fastlane: Customers who incorporated Fastlane into their form-fill strategy saw 2x more meetings influenced and 63% more pipeline influenced by Drift than those who did not incorporate Fastlane into their form fills.
  3. Leverage intelligence tools: While you want to have enough information to ensure all conversations are routed to the most appropriate team member, you also don’t want to bombard site visitors with questions. The highest-converting qualifying flows of 2023 included just 3-5 questions. By having a product like Drift Engage running in the background, you can ensure that you’re asking only the most essential and relevant questions to keep the conversation going while still gathering the information you need.

🤝 Build Credibility

Remember that all conversations require a bit of give and take. If you’re trying to gather a site visitor’s email address, make sure you’ve already given the user something to incentivize the trade.

Include 2-4 buttons within every playbook hook so your site visitor can choose the path that best fits their needs. You should also leverage integrations to gain a comprehensive view of the site visitor so that you can better cater to them as an individual.


Incorporating these three strategies into playbook building has proven to increase the number of opportunities sourced through Drift. Because by being there when your site visitors need you, making it easy for them to get in touch, and holding authentic and informed conversations with them, you put the buyer back in control of their buying journey.

NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR BUYERS’ EXPECTATIONS. download the conversation trends report here.