2024 Prediction: Amidst AI Innovation, Humanity Will Prevail

By Elizabeth Hilfrank

2023 fundamentally changed everything we know about how we go to market.

Between the commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI) and a turbulent economy, companies all over the world have had to rethink how they market, sell, and buy. As a result, the B2B buying space today looks drastically different from how it did at this time in 2022.

So, with all of these changes already occurring, what can we expect from 2024?

To answer this question, we asked some of Drift’s leadership team to share their predictions for what the go-to-market (GTM) world will look like in the coming year. Our GTM seers include:

Ultimately, what our GTM leaders said boiled down to one key thought: AI will continue to infiltrate our daily workflows and processes, and in doing so, the B2B buying process will become a lot more human.

Let’s take a closer look at what this prediction means for B2B buyers and GTM teams 👇

AI Adoption Is the Only Way Companies Will Thrive…

There’s no denying that AI is here to stay. Across the board, our leaders agree that, in order for businesses and professionals to succeed from this point onward, everyone needs to experiment with AI.

Scott Ernst: Just like every revolution prior, there will be bumps in the road during the early stages of AI adoption. But also like every previous revolution, the only way companies will succeed amidst this transition is by adopting, and experimenting with, AI.

Matt Tippets: A company’s success with AI is contingent on their employees’ adoption of AI. Generative AI is not inherently built for businesses. It’s built for the masses. For this reason, all employees should be experimenting with it both for fun and for work — because only when they do will companies improve their ability to execute.   

Emily Singer: With the growing pressure to deliver individualized buying experiences to site visitors, marketers need to take a leading role at their company to figure out how they can leverage AI to optimize existing business processes for more scalability and efficiency.

Lee Zucker:
It’s time to stop worrying about AI taking our jobs and focus on how it can help us do our jobs better. For me, that means encouraging my reps to optimize their processes through AI: How can they use it to better prioritize their day? To send more emails, faster? When sales reps adopt AI, they won’t be replaced. They’ll be more sought-after.

…But Human Experiences Will Continue to Prevail

Although it’s clearer than ever that we’re living in a digital-first world, our leaders all agree that digital doesn’t mean non-human. In fact, for 2024, our leaders see more human experiences on the horizon.

Scott Ernst: Humans have, and always will, lie at the heart of every buying process. While relationships may no longer be formed at fancy dinners and golf outings, brands can create connections by showing they understand their buyers’ needs. When you leverage AI to uncover these insights, AI can help bring more humanity to the digital buying experience.

Matt Tippets: We’re seeing a shift from personalized to individualized buying experiences — ones that target a buyer based on who they are as a human and what they need in that moment. So, even if parts of the buying process are automated, that automation will only allow for more one-to-one conversations to take place.

Emily Singer: AI is helping marketers become more efficient by taking on repetitive tasks and generating suggestions based on data. This will allow marketers to focus on the uniquely human aspects of their job — relationships, creativity, humor, and leadership.

Final Thought

Our leaders predict that 2024 will be a time for B2B companies to leverage AI to make digital buying experiences feel more human. To them, there’s no doubt that AI is the way forward for all businesses, no matter what industry. And, if you don’t adopt AI, you’ll simply be left behind.

All that said, there’s no need to fear that robots will replace humans in 2024. While there is a strong chance that your role will change with the advancement of AI, the role of the human will never go away — because, as you leverage AI more and more, you will ultimately be paving the way for stronger human relationships with your customers.

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