The Drift Book of Hooks

Conversational Marketing best practices to help you start converting more conversations into revenue.

About This Book

Did you know that of all the people that come to your website, only ~2% are likely to convert into leads?

…You still there?

There’s a reason for this low number: A lack of engagement.

Because like a good book, a school essay, or even an email, your website needs to hook its visitor right from the start. It’s too easy to click away.

That’s why we rounded up best-in-class tips from our Conversational Marketing experts on how to leverage chatbots to start conversations that will convert.

In this book, you’ll find five strategies for engaging site visitors:

  • How to greet first-time visitors
  • How to welcome back return visitors
  • How to fast-track the chat-to-meeting process
  • How to personally engage those expressing high intent
  • How to leverage pain points in your hook

Get the tips.

Beat Your Site Visitors to the Punchline

Learn how to effectively engage with site visitors the moment they land on your site, so you can get them the answers they need before they click away.