4 Conversational Marketing Best Practices We Learned From Analyzing 1.32 Billion Conversations. Introducing Conversation Analysis From Drift.


1.32 billion.

That’s how many conversations customers have had on the Drift platform this year alone.

Now think about this.

If we were able to read and analyze every single one of those conversations FOR you what could that do for your business?

Like why your buyers are really coming to your website (instead of just what sources drive them).

Or what your BDRs say in conversations to convert your buyers into a meeting (instead of just what your BDRs tell you).

I mean seriously — what impact could that type of information have for your business? How much better at conversational marketing could your team get?

Well guess what? Today we are launching Conversational Analysis so you can actually get those answers.

Conversation Analysis is a tool that helps you search and analyze all of your customer conversations to discover hidden insights that would otherwise be locked away.

Here’s what it looks like?


You can use it to:

  • See where there’s drop off in conversations so you can convert more of your site traffic
  • Know what your site visitors are asking for so you can create relevant content
  • Define what a good conversation looks like so you can improve tactics across your sales team and book more meetings

With Conversation Analysis, it’s now easier than ever to understand your customers and improve the buying experience.

And that got us thinking. What could we find if we looked into all 1.32 billion conversations happening on the Drift platform?

So we rolled up our sleeves and dug in.

We uncovered dozens of insights. But these next four will help you up your game when it comes to Conversational Marketing ?

Conversations are 5X more likely to convert when a human jumps in.

Buyers today expect real-time, personalized interactions. And one of the best ways to deliver? A conversation.

While chatbots let you scale conversations by engaging every site visitor and working 24/7, a real person can create a human connection to help bring those conversations to the next level.

According to our data, conversations are 5 times more likely to convert to leads when a human gets involved ? This just goes to show that at the end of the day, people want to talk to people.

Try this ? Make sure your routing is set up properly so when a potential lead or target account hits your site, you can capitalize on the opportunity by getting a human involved in the conversation ASAP.

Conversations are 372% more likely to convert to leads when started from a Conversational Landing Page.

If you’re spending thousands of dollars per month on PPC, that means you’re probably sending thousands of people to your website every single month.

That also means you’re probably spending a ton of time and money designing and coding landing pages.

You’re doing that because you want to create a customized experience for your prospects in the hopes of converting them to leads.

But, what if I told you you could almost quadruple your conversion rate of conversations to leads without having to do all that work?

We looked and found that conversations convert into leads 372% more when started from a Conversational Landing Page.

Try this ? Save yourself time designing and coding landing pages. Instead, drive people to a hyper-targeted conversation with a Conversational Landing Page and convert more traffic immediately.

Conversations are 268% more likely to convert to leads when started from marketing campaigns.

As a marketer, you’re driving demand through so many different campaigns from webinars, to social posts, to paid ads on LinkedIn or Facebook or maybe even PPC on Google.

But are they all optimized with the power of Conversational Marketing so you can convert more of that traffic?

We took a look at all of the conversations started from UTM parameters and found that conversations convert 268% more when started from a marketing campaign.

If you’re running highly targeted campaigns, you should take advantage of a highly personalized channel like chat that converts at a much higher clip so you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

Try this ? Build out a playbook for any marketing campaign you’re running with UTM parameters. That way when someone does click, they can be brought directly to a conversation instead of waiting days to be followed up with.

626,000 meetings have been booked from real-time conversations in 2019.

Not every conversation can take place right away. Sometimes your prospect needs to schedule a conversation for later. And that’s completely fine, people are busy.

But the problem is that sometimes you spend so much time going back and forth trying to figure out a date that you risk them losing interest in the meeting altogether.

You should be able to just share your calendar and let the prospect pick something that fits their schedule.

Or if you’re not there, have a bot drop your calendar so you can still get that meeting booked.

And this is the route Drift customers took in 2019, booking just over 626,000 meetings in the process.

Creating a frictionless experience for your buyers will drive better results. Every. Single. Time.

Try this ? Make sure your reps’ calendars are connected so that meetings can be booked on their behalf 24/7. Do you have reps that aren’t on Drift? Take advantage of Calendar Seats and let your bots or CDRs book a meeting for them.

Interested in learning more about these insights and digging into your own? Join us for a live webinar where we’ll show you how you can use Conversational Analysis to improve the buying experience. Register here