4 Real-Life Examples Where Combining Video And Chat Will Help You Close More Deals

Some things are just better together.

If you’re into comic books, you might say Batman and Robin.

And if you’re into B2B technology, I’ve got a new one for you: video and chat.

Yes, you read that right. Today I’m going to tell you how combining video and chat will help you close more deals and make you feel like…a superhero.

Let me explain.

As a rep today, the tools you use are a one-way channel. If you send an email to a prospect, it’s up to them to respond in order for things to move forward. The same goes for cold calls. There’s just no control.

So we thought to ourselves, how can we help reps take back control? How can we make video more conversational?

And then it hit us. We needed to combine video with chat. So we launched Drift Video, the easiest way to create and share videos that start conversations.

For those not familiar, this is how it works. When you send a video to a prospect, not only are you notified when they watch it, but you can also jump straight into a conversation with them right from the video.

Click here or on the GIF to see how it works?


Pretty cool, right?

Before the only way you could chat from your videos was if you had both a Drift Chat AND Drift Video seat.

Today I’m super excited to announce that’s no longer the case.

Every Drift Video user can now chat directly from the videos they create!

Even better, Drift Video is 100% free and you can sign up for an account here. No credit card required.

Let me show you a few scenarios where you can leverage the combined powers of video and chat to close more deals.

1) Your prospect has gone dark and you have a contract out for them to sign

Nothing is more frustrating than this. You have great communication with your prospect throughout the whole sales cycle and then once the contract is out, they go dark. One way to re-engage them is to record a video with your manager or an executive. This shows that not only are you excited about the partnership, but that everyone in your company wants to make sure the prospect is successful.

(Pro tip: Just ask someone, it only takes 30 seconds of their time).

2)  Your prospect has a few last-minute technical questions about your product

You get an email from your decision-maker about some technical questions. Instead of trying to describe everything in an email, create a video with your sales engineer to answer their questions. And if any other questions pop up from that video, they can chat in and ask you right from the video saving you a ton of time of back and forth over email.

(Pro tip: Record a few videos of the most common product questions you get and reuse them for every deal).

3) Your prospect has asked for pricing

Okay, you’ve made it this far. You know this question is bound to come up. “So…how much is it.” Make a video to clearly explain pricing for the deal you’re working on. Once your buyer is viewing the video, you can jump in and chat in real-time while they’re reviewing pricing details.

(Pro tip: You can make the video private so only those you want to see it actually do).

4) Your prospect has security or legal questions

This is a common one that comes up. Get your legal team to make a video to help overcome any security and legal concerns that arise during the negotiating process. Video helps your team clearly communicate and cover common objections to speed up the deal. So if your prospect has any further questions, you can chat with them to get them the answers they need to move forward.

(Pro tip: If the same questions get brought up in every deal, reuse the video for each deal you’re in).

So what are you waiting for? Try Drift Video for free today and start having more conversations with your prospects and close more deals.