Bot Hook Best Practices

The only guide you need to build top-performing bot hooks on your website.

About This Book

If years of having conversations through Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Conversational Service has taught us anything, it’s that practice makes perfect.

But perfect is hard to achieve alone. That’s why we’ve analyzed data from across out entire customer base and compiled all of the elements that make a perfect bot hook right here in this one guide.

In creating the Bot Hook Best Practices Guide, we identified common themes that make top-performing bot hooks so successful. We then turned those themes into tips and templates for you to build the perfect bot hook for your business.

Because let’s face it, everyone wants perfect — but not all of us have the time to practice until we get it right. This guide offers you a shortcut so that you can write a bot hook that drives engagement, and revenue, on your first try.

What's Inside

Seek inspiration from those who have done it best. In this guide, you’ll learn what “good” looks like for a bot hook, understand all of the different elements that make up a bot hook, and get best practices, including (but not limited to):

  • When to use a single block bot hook vs. a multi-purpose bot hook
  • Recommended structures for multi-purpose bot hooks
  • Examples of bot hook language that will drive results

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