Deliver Personalized Experiences Digitally with Conversational ABM

Deliver Personalized Experiences Digitally with Conversational ABM

Fill your marketing funnel with enough leads, and you’re bound to squeeze out a few customers.

☝️A decade ago, that’s how most B2B teams approached marketing.

And their efforts looked something like this: Blast out the same generic ads, emails, and content to everyone (and anyone) from whom you could secure an email address or an eyeball.

It was a numbers game. And, for a while, it worked. At least to some degree.

But times are different now. Buyers are smarter. They rely more on peer reviews than a random website for information. They do their research up front and are unlikely to engage with impersonal, generic ads, emails, websites, and experiences.

Instead, today’s buyers expect and deserve a personalized approach. And it’s time for B2B companies to deliver.

But how?

Enter Conversational ABM

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a quality vs. quantity game. It focuses on targeting specific accounts that will help a company hit their revenue goals. So, instead of casting a wide net to fill your funnel, you’re fishing with a spear ?

ABM also helps align marketing and sales teams by having both teams focus on the same set of agreed upon accounts. Sales and marketing are also aligned around a common goal: delivering the best experience possible to the target accounts both teams jointly identified.

The tricky part, however, is ensuring the experience remains consistent when the eventual marketing-to-sales handoff occurs. Ideally, any handoff would be so seamless potential buyers don’t even notice it happening. But, for that to work, you need continuity. Your sales team needs to have as much information and context as possible in order to pick up right where the marketing team leaves off.

Enter conversational ABM.

Once your team is fully bought into an account-based approach to marketing, you can’t let that VIP-level experience dissolve when someone hits your site. With conversational ABM, you can greet visitors with targeted messaging and their specific account owner to deliver a truly personalized experience.

In today’s world, where digital marketing is one of the only channels many marketers have left, utilizing strategies like conversational ABM is more important than ever. That’s why Drift is teaming up with Demandbase to offer you our two certifications in ABM and conversational marketing FOR FREE.

Completing both certifications will allow you to master ABM while also teaching you how to engage your website visitors with personalized conversations based on who they are, how they’re behaving on your website, or how they’ve engaged with your campaigns in the past.

So what are you waiting for? Get certified in both ABM and conversational marketing today! Follow the links below to get started ?

Demandbase ABM Certification & Training

Created by marketers for marketers, the Demandbase Account-Based Marketing certification courses are based on hundreds of conversations with organizations of various shapes and sizes. Designed to get marketers and sales professionals up-to-speed on Account-Based Marketing best practices & training quickly.

The curriculum is designed to provide insight and actionable plans to:

  • Optimize marketing programs
  • Align organizations around a common strategy
  • Effectively measure ABM
  • Scale an ABM strategy with reliable success

Get certified in ABM now.

Conversational Marketing Certification

What’s next after you’ve done the hard work of becoming an #ABMCertified Strategist? You’ve selected your target accounts, drove traffic to your website, and personalized the experience. Now it’s time to supercharge ABM with conversational marketing. Ensure a cohesive buying experience for your accounts while finding more opportunities for your sales team and strengthening alignment.

The Conversational Marketing Certification will teach you:

  • How to start more conversations with your potential buyers using the Conversational Framework
  • How to implement Conversational Marketing across your entire marketing strategy to create better customer experiences
  • How to use the Conversational Marketing Blueprint to convert more of your traffic into qualified leads and generate more revenue

Get certified in conversational marketing now.

Conversational Marketing Certification