Engage Your Target Visitors with the Perfect Message. Introducing Drift A/B Testing.

Data. It’s the most objective way to measure results. As the saying goes, the numbers speak for themselves.

I bet most digital marketers would agree. You need data to know what top-of-funnel messages are performing best. Are they engaging your target customers? Where are the visitors coming from? Are they helping you capture an email to create a new lead? Are they converting into a booked meeting or sales pipeline?

Top of the funnel content has a big impact down the funnel in generating sales-qualified pipeline. And with today’s customers spending more than 65% of their buying process alone and online, it’s imperative that your top and middle of the funnel content is spot on. It has to be informative and compelling enough to engage the right visitors, when they’re ready to interact with you.

But how do you know what the right message is? And what variation of the message attracts different types of customers?

It’s actually quite simple. Test a few messages, review the data, and pick the winner. Let the message run for a bit, and then test, review and adapt again. Testing different messages helps you see what you are leaving on the table – and realize that often your first message is not the best variation.

So, we need to test to get the data. And, we need a simple way to visualize the data to determine the perfect message. The problem is that many marketing teams either aren’t doing playbook A/B testing or they’re using a legacy A/B testing product that is manual, time-consuming, and siloed into different UI views.

That’s where Drift comes in.

Do More, With Less – and in Less Time

Our new bot playbook A/B testing capability empowers digital marketers to:

  1. Create and test different bot playbook messages to your defined audiences
  2. See which message is performing the best
  3. Use this data to optimize your playbook content to convert more visitors into qualified leads

Already using Drift? Get trained in how to use Drift A/B testing in only 4 minutes right here.

One Place to Manage All Your Bot Playbook A/B Testing

And best of all, marketers can do all of this in one place, with just two clicks, saving them time and making it easy to continuously optimize performance. They can create bot playbook A/B tests, compare results side-by-side, pick a winner and make edits live all within one single UI. It’s fast, simple, and easy to use. And, it encourages digital marketers to use data to create better content and increase conversions of qualified leads.

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing

I sat down with Tim Ozmina, our Drift playbook guru, who runs our Drift on Drift experience, to learn about how he uses A/B testing on Drift’s website.

“It is so easy and saves me so much time. I can create and launch 10 separate A/B playbook tests in only 5 minutes.”

Here are some of the results we’ve seen using our A/B testing 👇

  • After running our Demo playbook for two weeks, we saw:
    • 7.4% increase in conversations
    • 28% increase in email captures
    • 12.8% increase in conversational qualified leads (CQLs)
    • 22.4% increase in meetings booked
  • After running our Proactive playbook for our RevGrowth event, we saw:
    • 49.7% increase in conversations
    • 22.4% increase in email captures
    • 35.2% increase in CQLs
    • 75% increase in meetings booked

Like Tim says:

“As you can see from those two examples, using Drift’s A/B Testing feature has been a simple, but very powerful way for me and the team to increase key metrics from the number of conversations all the way to meetings booked. You never know how much changing a few words can impact your business – until you test it.”

You heard it straight from Tim – it’s time to stop guessing which top-of-funnel messages are performing best. With A/B Testing from Drift, you can see what’s working – and double down on it.

Ready to increase your lead conversion with Drift A/B Testing? Get a demo today.