How Drift Uses AI Chatbots to Enhance the Buying Journey and Scale Our SDR Team

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort driving traffic to your website. And probably just as much time optimizing the copy on your site to answer each visitor’s questions. But, with thousands of visitors asking hundreds of questions, it’s impossible to account for every single one. And, even if you could, answering all of these questions in a timely manner just isn’t feasible.

That’s where Drift’s AI Chatbots come in. They replicate the behavior and performance of your very best SDRs at a scale that allows you to engage and qualify every single site visitor – no matter when they hit your site (yes, 24/7/365… even holidays).

Hey there, I’m Tim Ozmina. I run Drift at Drift, so it’s my job to make sure our bots are helping us start the right conversations at the right time. Today, I’m here to show you exactly how you can use Drift AI chatbots to hit your goals while creating a better experience for your buyers.

Here’s how.

1. Complement the SDR Team

If your SDR team is anything like ours, they are an integral, hardworking part of the sales process. And, if your team is like ours, you probably wish you could replicate them times 1,000. That’s where Drift’s AI chatbots come in. They can scale your SDR team by qualifying and engaging site visitors while your SDRs focus on the conversations they know are likely to result in meetings with your sales team.

SDRs can also use the information shared in AI conversations to understand the buyer’s pain points and share the best solutions. This means more contextual conversations that add value to your buyers.

Learn how you can use the AI Assist and other plays with your own sales team.

2. Accelerate the Buying Journey

There are any number of ways someone can land on your website and encounter your bot. And the questions they want answered may not be the same as what your bot is designed to answer.

AI Chatbots can help here too.

They learn from the conversations happening across your organization and can address common questions that may not be a part of a particular decision-tree bot. By allowing for open-ended questions, AI Chatbots can address your site visitors’ concerns and move them to a meeting (or sale) faster. And, because the bot is trained using actual conversations your sales team has with potential customers, it can create an experience that is more human and conversational.

3. Engage Virtual Event Attendees

As virtual engagement has become the norm, companies are finding ways to elevate their event experience to recreate some of that in-person magic. At Drift, we’re no different. We use AI Chatbots to allow our event attendees to engage with us, get their questions answered, and even book meetings. Check out this example from a recent RevGrowth event we held:

With AI Chatbots, you can scale and replicate the efforts of your team, while also offering a tailored, human experience that converts visitors from prospects to buyers. Drift AI Chatbots make your marketing team more efficient by creating more qualified pipeline, faster and let your sales team focus on those prospects who are ready to buy.

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