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Automate your sales funnel with our bots

Using Drift chatbots you can answer common questions in real time, route qualified leads to the right sales reps and start conversations with prospects in real time. Rep in a meeting? No problem, leads can book a time that works for them and your rep in seconds flat.

automate your sales funnel

Generate more leads

In order to generate more leads you start hosting more webinars, adding more forms to your site, syndicating content on third party sites, and adding BDRs to the team to source leads. Most of these additional sources you start using are way higher in the funnel than an inbound "contact sales" lead or potential trial download or freemium account. Using chatbots you can connect those leads to content that help drive them further down the funnel so they're ready to chat with your team faster.

generate more leads with drift

Convert more traffic

This isn't about a box on your website with someone to answer questions, this is an entirely new methodology for marketing and sales. Our framework provides future and current customers with a seamless experience that leaves them walking away surprised and delighted by your brand. Drift is about meeting the customer where they are, at exactly the instant they need help.

convert more traffic with drift

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