How to Get Your Top Target Accounts To Your Website

and Turn Them into Customers with a VIP Treatment

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We all know that a successful account-based marketing strategy takes a ton of time.

  • You have target lists to build out
  • You have an outreach plan to create
  • You have sales enablement to run…just to name a few things

On top of all of that, you know the top 1% of your target accounts won’t give you the time of day if your campaigns aren’t highly targeted. And you end up working extra hour to build these out.

So we’re teamed up with the experts at RollWorks to bring together all of our ABM secrets that help us maintain an ultra-personalized ABM approach, while saving time and actually getting more out of our campaigns.

Join us on April 4th, we’ll share them with you.

About the Presenters

Dave Gerhardt
VP of Marketing @ Drift

Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift and host of the Seeking Wisdom. He has spent the last 7 years working and learning at SaaS marketing companies, including HubSpot and Constant Contact. Dave lives for creating new categories, launching products, building an audience and getting the right people to pay attention.

Bogdan Zlatkov
Content Marketing Manager @ RollWorks

Bogdan Zlatkov is a Content Marketing Manager at RollWorks. He is a creative Content Marketer who builds strategic campaigns, creates engaging content, and connects customers with forward-thinking ideas.

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