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How to Qualify

It’s easy. There are three simple requirements to get started:

you Must be a new customer of Drift
you have less than $1M in funding
You Operate with fewer than 10 employees

A few frequently asked questions

What happens after 1 year?

Simple. We will reach out and work with you to figure out the right long term plan for your business.

What’s included in my plan?

Everything included in our Pro plan. You can check out drift.com/pricing for a full list of features and integrations.

What are the limits of my plan?

Your plan comes with 1k active contacts and up to 10 users

How do I apply?

Simply click apply now. We will ask you a few questions about your business then follow-up directly!

Grow your startup. We’re rooting for you!

Just a few years ago we were a small and scrappy team trying to build a platform that our customers would love. We know it's all about getting your users to that "aha" moment. Using Drift connects you now to the customers who are interested now. Want accelerate your pipeline and start conversations with your customers now? We're here to help.

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We love how Drift has streamlined our lead creation process. We’re talking to potential customers earlier in the sales process and saving both their and our time by automating the calendaring and support request process via Drift.”
Increased Conversion Rate by 36%
Had Over 1,200 Conversations In First Four Months Using Drift
Booked 80 Demos in a Month (Without Using Forms)

That’s why we’re giving 93% off to select early stage startups like you.
 Annual price is only $600!

(or $50 a month, basically 10 Lattes ☕)

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