Here are 4 features of Drift your sales team will LOVE ❤️


Never waste time manually scheduling meetings again

With Drift, you’ll always book the meeting at exactly the right time – when they’re on your site and ready to schedule. Your chatbot can schedule meetings for you 24/7 OR you can drop your calendar availability during any live conversation for instant scheduling.


Automatically roll out the red carpet for every person, at every step of the buying process

Drift is the only platform that delivers a personalized message on your website when prospects click through your emails. Now you can guide them through your funnel in real time instead of waiting and hoping they’ll go back to their inbox and reply. Not around when your prospect is? No big deal — your chatbot can jump in and book the meeting for you.


Get notified the minute a VIP buyer visits your website

Drift uses data enrichment to identify your ABM targets and alert you the moment they land on your website, even if they’re anonymous. You can also get notified when your prospects open or click your emails so you can engage while you have their attention.

Drift ABM notifying you of dream custom on your site

Spend less time analyzing and more time coaching

With Conversation Analysis, you can analyze how customers are actually interacting with your team. For instance, you can see what your BDRs say in conversations to convert your buyers into a meeting (instead of just what your BDRs tell you).


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