More Customization in AI and Enhanced RealTime Dashboard: December Releases from Drift

By Holly Xiao

It’s hard to believe 2022 is already coming to an end! Although we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we can provide more insights to help you evaluate this year’s performance and prepare you for a successful 2023.

So, to close out 2022, we are introducing enhancements in our Conversational AI and RealTime Dashboard. These updates will help your team find critical information on AI performance, follow up on missed conversations with ease, and provide a better customer experience more efficiently.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Analyze Missed Conversations Effortlessly

In August, we launched RealTime Dashboard to help service and sales managers coach their teams and improve customer experiences by using live insights into conversation volume, team availability, and performance.

This month, we’ve added “Missed Conversations” to the RealTime Dashboard. With this, managers can view details of missed conversations, understand why they were missed, and identify which teams were responsible. You can even follow up on these conversations to re-engage your prospects and customers.

RealTime Dashboard

Learn more about RealTime Dashboard.

Train Your AI Bots Easily with a New Review Tab

Drift’s AI Topic Libary includes critical data on AI performance, popular topics, and conversation details which you can use to identify trends and keep training your AI bot to be smarter.

Now, we’ve added a brand new “Review” tab in the AI Topic Library, which puts all your AI conversations in one place. With one click, you can find your AI messages and see whether your bot is responding as expected. Training your AI bot has never been easier 🤖

AI Conversation Review

Learn more about AI Conversation Review.

Customize AI Conversations with Unrecognized Responses

Drift’s patented Conversational AI has been trained on more than 100M conversations and comes with 59 out-of-the-box topics  — which means it’s ready to provide immediate and accurate answers from day one. In addition, the Conversational AI lets you customize responses when buyers say something the AI doesn’t recognize.

With this update, you can create a separate path for novel utterances. As a result, you can clarify questions, connect prospects with reps, or continue customizing conversations to ensure the best customer experience.

Conversational AI

Learn more about Conversational AI: Novel Utterances Conversation Path.

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