RealTime Dashboard, Activity Timeline, and Workflow Efficiency: August Releases from Drift

By Fiona Shang

Today, efficiency matters more than ever. With the recent economic downturn and hiring freezes, you have to make the most of your resources and look for ways to work smarter — not harder. Luckily, there are ways to help with this.

This month, we are excited to introduce RealTime Dashboard, activity timeline, and enhanced conversation transfer and search capabilities, which give you a more efficient workflow and better customer experience. Cheers to happy teams and happier customers!

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Coach Your Team with Real-Time Insights

Managers’ lives are not easy in the digital-first world. We get it. With teams across different work setups, work habits, and time zones, tracking performance and productivity is a lot trickier. That’s why we built RealTime Dashboard to help you better manage your teams and, ultimately, improve the customer experience.

RealTime Dashboard provides live data on conversation volume, team availability, performance, CSAT, and more. These immediate and actionable insights will help you evaluate your team’s work, identify coaching opportunities, and follow up on poorly rated conversations.

Real-Time Dashboard

Click here to learn more about RealTime Dashboard.

Get a Snapshot of Your Customer Journey

A customer’s journey often consists of a series of activities that take place over a long time frame. But it’s inconvenient and tedious to have to search in multiple places for that information.

We added Activity Timeline in Drift Prospector to give you a historical snapshot of an account’s Drift activities. With this, your sales reps can prioritize, research, and manage deals more effectively — all in one place.

Need to drill in on an activity? No problem. Filter the feed to dig into specific activity details.

Activity Timeline

Click here to learn more about activity timeline.

Transfer Chats Seamlessly

Engaging conversations often involve seamless transitions between different teammates. But the handoff can cause friction, especially when you have to wait for your teammate to respond.

Drift Transfer and Leave now makes this transition more efficient. If you invite another teammate to a conversation and they don’t respond, the chatbot will automatically respond with a fallback. That way, you can immediately leave the conversation and start chatting with the next customer without having to worry.

Transfer and Leave

Find Previous Conversations Faster

Want to engage your target accounts with relevant information? Drift’s Contact Convo Search makes it easy.

Using Contact Convo Search, you’ll be able to quickly get context on key contacts and conversations by directly searching for names, account names, or email addresses. It’s just the shortcut you need to personalize your sales outreach at scale.

Contact Convo Search

That’s all for this month. Check back next month for more from Drift ⚡️

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