Meeting Prep, AI Enhancements, and More Ways to Integrate with Salesforce: What’s New This Quarter at Drift

By Jane Stull

At Drift, our mission is to help you deliver a consistent experience across your marketing, sales, and service teams. That’s why, this quarter we’re bringing more insights, integrations, and enhancements to the customer journey — all within one intuitive platform, Drift’s Conversation Cloud.

Read on to review our top new features this quarter ⚡️

Let Drift Take on the Heavy Lifting for Your Next Meeting Prep

The handoff from a sales development rep (SDR) to an account executive (AE) can be a major point of friction, especially when your understanding of the account is what makes or breaks the deal. And as a rep, you’re naturally busy and don’t have a lot of time to gather and prepare information for scheduled meetings.

Enter Meeting Prep, a complete summary of account and opportunity activity. With access to contact and account details, engagement activity, social quick links, and more, you can ensure your reps will be primed going into their next discovery call.

Drift Meeting Prep

Learn more about the activity feed.

Drift’s AI Becomes Even More Conversant

Drift’s Conversational AI is trained on over 100 million conversations and comes with out-of-the box base topics. But, of course, every business is different. Now, your marketers can further train the AI to respond to topics specific to your business using examples that are most relevant to your visitors’ needs.

Customize Base Topics in Conversational AI

When visitors ask the AI bot questions and speak in their own words, they might say something the AI doesn’t recognize — a novel utterance. Now, you can configure how the bot responds to these novel utterances and let the site visitor know that their inquiry was not understood, further improving the customer experience.

Learn more about how to use Conversational AI in playbooks.

Send Salesforce Opportunities to the Right Sales Reps

Sellers work hard to create opportunities and don’t want to miss a chance to connect with the buyer when they arrive on the website. Now sellers can make sure target accounts get the best experience possible by fast-tracking VIP contacts and opportunities to the right sales rep with Salesforce opportunity routing.

So, when a sales conversation is happening with a contact from an open opportunity, you can route in the appropriate sales rep to continue the conversation or help answer the prospect’s questions and close deals faster.

Salesforce Opportunity Routing

Click here to learn more about opportunity routing. 

Supercharge Your Service by Setting Expectations

Conversational Service empowers customers to find answers to their questions on their own or get help from a human when necessary. To create the ideal experience, customers and prospects should know how long they might expect to wait. With Estimated Wait Time, now you can set appropriate expectations based on routing fallback rules.

Don’t want to leave your visitors waiting? With the new routing fallback rule, Drift Admins can now set “Ticket Creation” as a fallback rule, giving site visitors the option to create a ticket when a human is unable to respond in chat.

Routing Fallback

Learn more about team routing fallbacks.

Are You Delivering Five-Star Customer Service?

Many customer support teams are overwhelmed with ticket volume — leading to high customer service wait times, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With Drift’s Conversational Service, your customers can get the five-star experience they deserve while you grow customer value, improve team efficiency, and reduce costs along the way.

Learn all about how to start delivering meaningful customer experiences in our Understanding Drift Conversational Service ebook.

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