Here’s How to Turn Every Webinar Registration into a Sales Conversation with Drift

Over the past few weeks, a number of customers have reached out to learn more about how we run our webinars and virtual events at Drift, particularly around the registration process. And as more of us shift efforts and spend to digital in this new climate, I wanted to share some tips on the sales side. Particularly, how you can turn every webinar registration into a sales conversation.

But first things first. If you’re not already using Drift for registration on your webinar pages, Sammi Reinstein, a Senior Conversational Marketing Advisor, shows you how in this quick video ?

(Psst we made this from home using Drift Video, try it for yourself to see just how easy it is.)

Now that we’ve gone through the technical details, let’s get into my area of expertise – selling.

Webinars are a powerful lead magnet, but if you’re using a static form for registration, you’re missing out on valuable conversions – and the valuable opportunity to turn every registration into a conversation. In fact, using Drift instead of a form on your webinar pages can increase conversions by as much as 10%.

What’s more, people typically prefer conversations to static forms.

So, not only are you increasing your conversion rate by dropping forms, but you’re improving your overall website experience for visitors.


To generate more opportunities and meetings through webinars, there are a few tried and trued tactics you can use:

  • Add additional talk tracks to the webinar registration playbook to prompt conversations with sales. Once someone has signed up for a webinar through the bot, include additional questions to see if they’d like to speak with someone now, start a conversation with sales, etc. Live chat can automatically route conversations to a BDR or account rep.

Webinar playbook follow up

  • Add attendees to a nurture track post-webinar. Demand gen marketers can include attendees in nurture tracks to keep the conversation going and provide relevant content based on their activities.
  • Use bots to capture more leads for pre-recorded webinars. Don’t think of your webinars as short-lived content. There’s a ton of valuable info in there. One way to generate even more opportunities from your webinars is to use bots in front of recordings, much like you would for eBooks or other pieces of content.

Bot capture pre-recorded webinar

  • Retarget webinar registrants. When attendees from a webinar revisit your site, provide relevant content to them to help convert them further. For example, “Thanks for attending our webinar! Want to chat through what you learned with a team member?” If they’re not ready to talk to a salesperson yet, add an additional question and point them towards other relevant content in the meantime.

Ready to turn your webinar registrations into conversations? Click here to talk to someone from our team now.