10 Things That Made Me A Better Marketer

How to be a better marketer_Drift

 On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG is sharing the 10 things that have helped make him a better marketer (inspired by this post on LinkedIn). And he’s not talking about a better leader or hiring manager. An actual marketer. Want a sneak peek? Dave talks copywriting, the six principles of influence, empathy, […]
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Solving Marketing’s Work Crisis with Workfront


It feels like we say it every day: Marketing is changing. Fast. In this episode, we talk to Workfront’s CMO Heidi Melin about what the future of work entails, why we’re ill-prepared at most organizations, and what to do about it. You can get Exceptions on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music or wherever you get your podcasts. Or […]
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Why Every Marketer Needs a Swipe File

Marketing Swipe File

Keeping a swipe file has been a game-changer for DG. It helps him come up with ideas and find patterns between ideas. If you don’t have a swipe file, you should definitely consider it. It’s so important, we named our show after the concept 😉 Get the Swipe File on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music or […]
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The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Playbook: What You Need to Know About the New Way Customers Buy

Ultimate Conversational Marketing Playbook

Conversational marketing isn’t about you. It’s about your buyers. It’s a new way of thinking because it’s focused on the buyer’s goals not your company’s goals. It’s the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations But in the last couple decades, the buying process has […]
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