Automation Horror Stories (And How To Avoid Them)


As a consultancy that operates SaaS companies, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the world of automation. Especially as more and more organizations are diving into conversational marketing, and personalization has become mandatory at every level of communication, it’s helpful to have a firm grasp on what works, what doesn’t, and […]
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7 Marketing Books That Have Shaped My Career


 On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG talks about how he went from being someone who avoided books like the plague – to someone who loves reading and learning. So what was the catalyst for this change? DG started picking up books about copywriting, direct response marketing, social psychology. Over the last […]
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When Should You Make Your First Marketing Hire?

when to hire your first marketer

This episode of the Marketing Swipe File was inspired by a tweet our CEO David Cancel got tagged in recently. It hits on two big questions about growing a marketing team. Should you wait to hire a marketer until you’ve reached product-market fit? How do you know the right time to bring a marketer on […]
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