What’s in Store for Marketing Ops? We Talked to this Pro about Marketing Funnels, Sales Alignment and the Future of MarTech to Find Out.

Sara McNamara, Cloudera

It’s not every day you have the chance to meet a unicorn. But the title really fits Sara McNamara, Marketing Operations Manager at Cloudera 🦄 Know what’s even more rare? Getting to say you got that nickname from a marketing unicorn in her own right – Sarah Kennedy Ellis, the CMO of Marketo. “Sara is […]
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You Are What You Measure with Robin CMO Joe Chernov

Marketing Swipe File

Joe Chernov is CMO at Robin, and before that served in the same role at InsightSquared, and was VP of Content at HubSpot and Eloqua. He’s often referred to as one of the most influential content marketers in B2B, and on this episode of the Swipe File, DG and Joe talk about micromanaging versus empowerment, […]
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35 Marketing Leaders Share Their Breakthrough Ideas for Breathing New Life Into Your Marketing in 2019

Drift Modern Marketer Playbook

After all of the years I’ve spent working at tech companies, and all of the hours I’ve spent interviewing and talking to industry experts, and all of the books I’ve read, there’s only one thing I know absolutely for sure about marketing: It’s always changing. Some 2,500 years after the Greek philosopher Heraclitus first observed […]
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